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How to Turn Fame Into Income: 5 Ways Celebrities Make Money Online

When we hear the word “celebrity,” our minds immediately imagine big artists, How to Turn Fame Into Income: 5 Ways Celebrities Make popular entertainers, star actors, and the likes. But that could not be any farther from the truth. The term can also be extended to social media. Social media has created many celebrities that have gone on to enjoy almost the same fame and prestige as regular mainstream celebrities. How to Turn Fame Into Income: 5 Ways Celebrities Make 

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Even when some of these social media celebrities don’t make it to TV fame, How to Turn Fame Into Income: 5 Ways Celebrities Make they still command enough power over a large fan base. Social media celebrities have followers and friends on their platforms to the tune of hundreds of thousands, with some running into millions. Numbers like that should not be overlooked. They are potential goldmines without realizing it.

So the question is: How can celebrities—regular and social—make money online with their fame? We will share some tips here to help along with that. Here is a 5 step guide on how to turn fame into income in 2022. Read on…

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  • Create Sponsored Posts

First off, what is a sponsored post? A sponsored post is simply a piece of social media content—text, video, or audio—that is paid for or sponsored by a brand or corporate entity. In essence, a brand approaches you, an Instagram “celebrity” with over 100,000 followers. This brand cuts a deal with you to talk about their products or service in a post that they are going to pay for.

Sometimes, you may be asked to come up with the concept for the post completely by yourself. Or it could be a joint endeavor between yourself and the brand. In any event, once this post goes live on your social media channels, it’s going to be seen by tens to hundreds of thousands of your followers. That level of exposure is good for the brand and this is exactly what they are paying you to access.

  • Become a Brand Ambassador

Similar to the point above, you can also become an ambassador for a brand. Unlike sponsored posts, which are usually one-off deals, you can sign long-term deals with brands. These brands will pay you an agreed sum of money to peddle their products and services within an agreed timeframe. After this particular time has elapsed, the terms of the deal can be renewed if both parties find it favorable.

As a social media or regular celebrity, you can cut deals with small brands to feature their products on your social media channel. It could be adorning a brand’s clothing piece in all your Instagram or Facebook posts or making videos using a particular beauty product. There is no shortage of ideas. You can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars just by doing this.

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  • Sign Up To OnlyFans

If you are a popular exotic dancer or model, you should consider starting an OnlyFans page. A lot of young entertainers are moving over to OnlyFans to earn money directly from their bedrooms. Instead of running after talent scouts, and scampering for one-time gigs and shows, OnlyFans is offering a way out for entertainers all over the world.

As an exotic dancer, you can sign up for an OnlyFans account and charge your “fans” small tokens to tune into your live streaming. It is that simple. Some of the best free onlyfans accounts started as small-time acts before they became successful OnlyFans stars.

  • Start a YouTube Channel

Many celebrities have transitioned from the regular crafts that brought them fame to becoming YouTube stars. What do we mean? Let’s say, you are an actor, musician, dancer, or reality TV star with a large fan base. Did it cross your mind that you can use this fame to start a YouTube channel? Yes. Many celebrities are doing that these days. It is more like moving your popularity in one craft over to another endeavor.

You can start a YouTube channel where you make videos about almost anything. It could be short documentaries of interest or motivational podcasts. As more old and new fans begin to find and subscribe to your YouTube channel, you earn more revenue from the ads displayed on your videos.

  • Sell Your Merchandise

This one’s a no-brainer. Celebrities have been doing this for long enough, using their platforms to promote their own products. A common example is Rihanna. Rihanna is a multi-grammy award-winning singer who still floats her line of Fenty skin beauty products. That’s like piggy-backing off her fame as a singer to peddle merchandise. And it works!

The idea is to use all your social media channels, from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to TikTok to sell your products. Numbers don’t lie. With social media, you can reach millions directly without the help of any other traditional media.

Starting Turning Your Fame Into Fortune

We’ve just seen 5 ways to turn fame into a sustainable income source. All 5 tips mentioned here are proven methods used and enjoyed by celebrities around the world and can also be considered the best side-hustles for everyone. You do not need to be as big as Rihanna or Drake to leverage your celebrity status. Even as a small Instagram influencer with 10k followers, you can reach heights by putting your fame to good use.

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