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How to Talk to Teens About Edibles

If your teen is talking about edibles, you must respond. Making edibles ideas secrets under hundreds of seals only ignites the interest of teens. Later on, they alone will try them. And you will not know that as you did not know how to talk about edibles to teens. 

Moreover, edibles can be dangerous if not used correctly! So, it is significant that you educate your teen on how to use them safely. Sure, edibles do not have strong effects like actual marijuana. It is impossible to get overdosed. For instance, if you buy Delta 9 edibles, they do not have the elements that have the power to damage your health. The worst thing that might happen is — let us put that straight — flatulence and diarrhea. Still, not all edibles can boast that level of quality. Some mimicking edibles are either pacifiers or actual dangers. And here is what you must mention when you talk about edibles with your teen:

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1. Using Edibles Has Nothing to Do with Coolness — That Is a Mere Medication By Teens

Using edibles is nothing like smoking weed. It is more like taking any other medication. You want to feel better, so you swallow the pill, drink the juice, and add drops to your cereal. The same is with marijuana edibles! People mostly use them because they need relief from PAIN, not because it makes them look cool. And there is zero fun in consuming marijuana edibles. Moreover, pink gummies have nothing to do with the stereotypical brutality of smokers.

2. Are Edibles Dangerous? There Is No Universal Answer For Teens

It is hard to generalize how dangerous edibles are. The answer depends on what kind of edibles you mention. Edibles with THC might be more dangerous than those without them. That is because THC is the psychoactive agent that gets people high.

CBD ones, in turn, are 100% safe. Their worst effects are cottonmouth and the latter desire to sit on the toilet. And to achieve that effect, you must gorge two bottles of CBD gummies.

3. Not All Business People Are Honest — They Might Sell You Fake Edibles

The edibles market is full of con artists. For that reason, you must know how to distinguish actual marijuana edibles from fake ones. The simplest way to do it is to look at the list of ingredients. If it contains anything other than sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin — beware!

Taking edibles must never alter your consciousness. The only permissible effect is tolerable drowsiness. Yet again, that is the effect after dire doses.

Another scenario is purchasing placebo and pacifiers instead of actual marijuana edibles. That is like burning your money for no reason. Yet again, that is not cool.

4. Taking Edibles Is a Responsible Decision, and You Must Follow the Prescription

Even if edibles are safe, you must not overuse them. That is how you develop tolerance to active agents and thereby nullify all the positive effects of taking marijuana edibles. The same goes for any other medication!

When you talk about edibles with teens, you should emphasize that taking gummies and stuff is mostly the doctor’s decision. Only after conferring with a professional, one may buy a pack of edibles. All other options are invalid.

5. People Who Use Edibles Are Rarely Happy — They Plausibly Suffer

If you still do not know how to talk about edibles to teens, choose straightforwardness. The objective reality is unfortunate. People who are taking edibles during your conversation are NOT happy. They might suffer:

  • intolerable chronic pain;
  • cancer;
  • consequently, severe nausea because of cancer treatment;
  • Crohn’s disease;
  • acute muscle spasms;
  • sclerosis;
  • Alzheimer’s;
  • Epilepsy, and so on.

The list is much longer. Yet, the mentioned diseases suffice. Some people fight for their life all the time. Every day, they wake up and pray, then pray again, then cry, and then pray — waiting for their suffering to end. Marijuana edibles are the only elements of their diet that can make the pain disappear — solely seemingly. It is not for fun. It is not for flex. It is not for showing off. So, talk to teens about edibles without neglecting the mentioned issue.

The Verdict

Never neglect your teen’s questions like “Are edibles dangerous?”. Never think that you do not know how to talk about edibles with teens. You DO know that. Moreover, marijuana edibles are a part of objective reality. That thing exists — why see it as a secret?

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