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How to save money on birthday party

It can be a quite hard planning your birthday celebrations. There is a best chance you have been to someone’s party in the past whereas a lot of cash has been spent, and you might feel like your party just would not up to standard. But the reality is you do not need much cash at all to throw a party that you, your family and friends will never forget. How to save money on birthday party

Here are some of the best tips to save money on birthday party:

Set a simple birthday theme

Come on, How to save money on birthday party you would not be capable to save money on birthday parties if you want to go all out in a big theme birthday! Just guess the cake that you need to get for that, it has to be customized and elaborate and so it would cost a whole a lot more than the general cake.

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Also, the set of clothes would cost you high money. Your savings account would have a heart stroke at hearing that you have picked an ambitious party theme.

So please keep it easy, something that is achievable with the budget that you have, for the reason that it would just make you said it all ends in failure because you got no cash to back it up.


Make their invitations and cake of buying them. Pinterest is packed with ideas of making sweet gorgeous cakes on your own. There are lots of free printables and tutorials that can be used to make invitations or use to buy them. Print them out at house to save even more cash. You could even create stamps to save money.

Simple meal plan

It is very simple to go board when it comes to party food. If your child birthday is in hot months, you could grill hamburgers and hotdogs. Another money saving choice is to only serve ice cream and cake. If you plan the party in between lunch and dinner then you will not have to hesitate with serving a full meal to your guests.

When it comes to planning your kid’s birthday party, just remember to think like a kid.

Skip the catering service

Yes, maybe it would be less annoy to just contact and schedule a catering of food, which might even contain the table arrangement for your birthday party, but it would definitely cost a whole lot more.

Additional, you need to give a tip to the member of the catering new for the reason that they would be serving you.

So just cook your own food at house and ask some relatives and friends to come over and help you with the food preparations, as this would be more amazing and provides more bonding time combine.

Road trip

So if you want to, skip the party, and just on a road trip with your family and friends for a movie and food with promo codes, going away from the place you have forever been can be liberating and road trips are super amazing, intimate as it gives loads of bonding time and definitely, all you need is the car and some gas.

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