Friday, May 7, 2021

How to Quit Smoking Permanently

Most smokers want to kick the habit permanently. It is a drain on their finances and causes multiple health consequences. Worse is the fact that many people have tried quitting in the past without success. They gained weight, could not handle the anxiety or stress, and cravings became too much for them. Thousands have turned to nicotine replacement products and non tobacco pouches to take the edge off. However, researchers are looking at another product on the market that appears to have a better success rate. The answer lies in CBD.

Reason Quitting is Difficult

When smokers are asked why they still smoke, most will answer because they need it or because it is a bad habit. Very few smokers enjoy cigarettes and would love to quit, but they are mentally dependent on nicotine. Researchers have discovered that roughly 80-percent of nicotine addiction is mental, and 20-percent is physical.

Mental Addiction

Your body generally runs on autopilot. You create habits, and then your brain keeps you functioning. For example, you go to bed at the same time every night for years. Therefore, at that time, your brain tells your body to relax and prepare for sleep. Smoking works very much the same way. If you light a cigarette when you drink your morning coffee, or anytime you drink alcohol, your brain tells your body you need it when you do these activities. Now, consider any time you smoke. Your body believes these are not enjoyable if cigarettes are not involved.

This is also why nicotine replacement products rarely are successful long-term. Pouches, gum, and the like are designed to treat the physical addiction to cigarettes. Hypnosis works when combined with other treatments. As long as your mind is awake, you will battle the desire to smoke.

CBD Method

The best way to quit smoking permanently is by using CBD and adjusting cognitive behavior. Basically, you retrain your body to produce serotonin and dopamine naturally. Once you decide to quit smoking, you need to start documenting. Working closely with medical professionals and therapists, write down when you smoke and emotions that trigger your need for a light. Start the day with a dose of CBD about a half-hour before taking daily medication and vitamins. This will kick start your body’s ability to fight the mental addiction. You will notice that it will take a few days to start to take effect. Throughout the day, use edibles ( to reduce cravings and allow your body to make new habits to handle anxiety or stress.

Using the retraining method with CBD assist, you will experience fewer cravings. The goal is to create healthy habits that do not leave you using another crutch to manage emotions. CBD is not addictive nor hallucinogenic. Therefore, you can take it throughout the day without worrying about the effects inhibiting your daily routine. Finally, after you have successfully quit tobacco, you can reduce your CBD intake to just morning and night for the health benefits it brings.

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