How To Promote YouTube Channel: Detailed Guide

What can you do to promote YouTube channel, especially if your budget is limited? Prepare the channel for promotion, optimize videos, How To Promote YouTube Channel: Detailed and use all available free and paid promotion methods.

This is a detailed manual and at the end you will find a checklist. How To Promote YouTube Channel: Detailed

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Analyze the niche

To begin with, study the top YouTube videos in your topic, note interesting tricks and weak points of your competitors. How To Promote YouTube Channel: Detailed

What to pay attention to

  • What types of videos prevail: reviews, unpacking, interviews, video tutorials.
  • What is the average length of the videos.
  • Who owns the channels – companies or bloggers.
  • What kind of engaging techniques are used: discussions, contests, etc.
  • What interesting things can be found in the comments. From the questions and remarks of users you can identify uncovered topics, wishes, suggestions.

Preparing the channel for YouTube promotion

Let’s enumerate the basic design work that can and should be done before you drive any traffic for it.

  1. Upload an icon and a thumbnail to the channel, use the logo as an icon, for the expert/blogger channel to use his/her photo.
  2. Post a description. This is a concise characteristic not only of the channel but also of the business. Use relevant keywords (we will talk about how to find them later).
  3. If there are many videos on the channel, create playlists. Playlists make it easier to navigate and encourage visitors to watch more videos in a selection. Videos can be grouped according to various principles: products, genres (interview, review, test drive), speakers, etc.
  4. Place a trailer (a short video on the main page of the channel). It will be shown to new visitors who have not yet become subscribers. You can upload a promo video as a trailer.

Promoting your YouTube channel: step-by-step instructions

Although no one really knows on the basis of what factors YouTube ranks videos, some important parts have been found experimentally. These are:

  • video’s relevance to the search query;
  • link clickability (CTR);
  • number and average duration of views;
  • percentage of users who watch the video to the end;
  • number of subscriptions after viewing the video;
  • commentator activity;
  • the number of times the video has been shared on social networks;
  • the number of embeddings of the video on third-party resources;
  • number of links to the video from external sources;
  • the number of videos added to the “Watch Later” playlist;
  • overall authority of the channel – the number of popular videos, YouTube subscribers, and likes.

How to influence these factors?

Step 1: Collecting keywords

Semantic core is needed to promote the channel no less than to promote the site in search engines. Collect queries that characterize your videos. Special services can help: vidIQ, TubeBuddy, Keyword Planner from Google.

The collected queries can be used:

  • In the content of the video itself. YouTube recognizes speech, so high-frequency queries that capture the essence of your video are better said in the first 15-20 seconds.
  • In the file name, video title, description and tags.

Step 2: Video optimization

Use a high-frequency key in the file name. Agree that a file named target_fb.mp4 reflects its content better than video12678.mp4.

Think of a laconic, catchy title for the video and put in the main key query. If it’s important, use the speaker’s name, brand, product, etc. in the title.

Use additional information, keywords and important links in the description.

Format the content of a long video timecode – links to the key moments of the video.

Use cards – links to related videos that are displayed when you click on the “i” icon in the upper right corner of the screen while viewing.

Ways to promote your YouTube channel

Buy YouTube views, likes, comments, and subscribers

Do not hesitate to buy YouTube views, and other services. If you work with legal platforms which give you real subscribers, views, and comments from real people, it will help you to promote a channel.

Engaging your audience

  • Just ask. At the end of each video, ask to subscribe to the channel and like the video.
  • Make it easy and quick to subscribe to the channel. Place a subscription link on each video.
  • A good trick at the beginning of the video is to promise a gift (a how-to, a checklist, a scenario for using the product).
  • Use YouTube live streams as an opportunity to interact live with subscribers and expand your audience. Don’t forget to buy YouTube live steam views to pull the extra crowd.
  • Create a variety of video content: reviews, interviews, short video tutorials, entertainment content, etc.

Posting announcements on social networks

If you have a loyal community in one or more social networks it is impossible not to use it. Users who are already familiar with the brand will go to the channel from the announcement and are more likely to watch it to the end, comment on it, like it, add it to their “Watch Later” playlist.

Unite with thematic channels

Join other channels and announce each other’s events. Which channels are worth considering:

  • thematically close but not competitors
  • channels with similar target audience
  • popular channels among the residents of a particular region (important for local business)

Advertising from popular bloggers

Channels that place ads as a rule provide statistics on the target audience advertisers. When choosing a channel, pay attention to the following points:

  • a large proportion of your target audience among the subscribers of the channel
  • the channel suits your topics

Setting up video/channel ads via Google Ads

Google Ads allows you to show ads in video format on YouTube. To launch a campaign, you will need to link your Google Ads accounts and your YouTube channel.

As you can see, YouTube promotional strategy is not easy. But with this guide you can do it faster and effectively! Good luck.

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