How to Prepare to Watch Burlesque Shows: A Guide

Did you know that American burlesque shows have been running since the 1840s in New york?

What was old is new again. Though burlesque had never really gone away,How to Prepare to Watch Burlesque Shows: it has recently experienced a huge resurgence in popularity.

Maybe you have seen a burlesque club or a flyer for a burlesque show, but what is burlesque? What is the etiquette if you’re attending?

This guide will answer those questions and help define burlesque. It will also prepare you to watch burlesque yourself and enjoy this provocative form of entertainment and art!How to Prepare to Watch Burlesque Shows: 

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What Is Burlesque?

Many people think of a striptease when they hear burlesque. While that is an element to the overall show, it’s not the only focus.

Think of burlesque as a variety show that can be just as comedic as it is provocative. Burlesque songs and skits are often equal parts lewd and slapstick.

A chorus of women will perform group acts throughout the show. There are also solo dances and the occasional striptease act. Also, the tease is more important than the stripping.

There is no one particular body type for a burlesque dancer. Variety and inclusivity are big parts of the show’s appeal.

Don’t Hold Your Applause

Cheering, clapping, whistling, laughter during comedy acts, and any other respectable forms of applause are encouraged during the performance. The performers love a response from the crowd.

Remember not to make inappropriate comments and don’t do anything to intentionally distract a performer. Respect is key just like any other type of performance. 

It’s fine if you talk during the show within the group you came with, but keep your voices low. This is for the benefit of the performers and other viewers alike.

Dress to Impress

Dressing up isn’t always required, but it can be fun either way. When those in the audience wear suits, dresses, or any other dress clothes it adds to the glamour of the event. This helps create a unique atmosphere.

Check ahead of time for any dress codes and know what to expect.

Photo Policies

It will be tempting to take photos of such a visual spectacle but know the rules first. Generally, flash photography is not allowed during burlesque shows and some shows ban photography altogether.

Some performers will pose for pictures with audience members after the show has ended. It’s a good idea to tip in these instances.

Tipping Performers

Tips are often accepted unless stated otherwise. Wait until a performer comes to you, or wait until after the show. Don’t approach the stage unless the MC tells you to.

Ready to Watch Burlesque?

Now that you have an idea of what burlesque is, how to prepare, and proper etiquette you are ready to watch burlesque! It’s a one-of-a-kind, glamourous variety show with a rich history that you’re sure to enjoy.

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