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How to Make Valentine’s Day Special at Home

Valentine’s Day is at hand. It is a good occasion to put aside searching for the best LinkedIn profile writing service and sink into reading our recommendations on how to celebrate the holiday indoors. How to Make Valentine’s Day Special at Home Though a candlelight dinner somewhere at a fancy restaurant is a more traditional amusement for lovey-doveys,  spreading of new contagious strains of coronavirus craves everyone to stay at home. You shouldn’t take this hard – if planned, a night at home can get turned into a festive date, and here are the ideas about how to celebrate your love in a special way:

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1. Create a Romantic Vibe

Lots of white and some flowers will make you feel romance like no other object in nature.How to Make Valentine’s Day Special at Home Draw the drapes, add a little mood lighting and let your room smell wonderful. A few rose petals sprinkled on the bed combined with sweet heart-shaped objects or other DIY Valentines’ Day decorations will turn your home into a dreamy space.

2. Serve the Delicious Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast-in-bed affair upon waking is the most pleasant way to start the day. How to Make Valentine’s Day Special at Home And Valentine’s morning is a good excuse to indulge delicious heart-shaped treats. The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, so dish up love for your sweetheart with one of breakfast-in-bed recipes. French toasts, smoothies, pancakes, hotcakes, or chocolate scones won’t take much time as well as telling “I love you” while pillow talk.

3. Wear Valentine’s Day Date Night Outfit

Wearing anything in hearts or flowers will make you look like an enthusiast of Valentine’s Day for sure. A classic red dress, adorned suit or lavender-hue silk pajama – everything can be the vibe you’re going for to feel beautiful and sexy. Special coordinating pairs of funny T-shirts will add a touch of irony, making you smile at each other and showing how committed you are.

4. Hold a Romantic Indoor Picnic

The possibilities can be endless, but besides mild scented candles the main elements of a perfect date night is a giant blanket to spread out, multiple pillows of different size to throw on the floor, and an abundance of greenery around. Eating off of a giant cheese board and sweets and drinking wine can make up for a dinner of three courses. If you set your scene with a guitar for jam sesh, your favorite card game, or a poetry book it will be perfect for snuggling up with your boo.

5. Plan a Chocolate Fondue Night

If you have a fondue kit or a Chinese pot it’s easy to dip everything in chocolate. This simple mixture of chocolate, cream, and liqueur is an easy dessert to serve for a special Valentine’s Day surprise. A big platter full of things dipped in chocolate is great for a romantic night. It could be marshmallows, peanut brittle, small Pretzels sticks, rice crispy treats, caramels, frozen cream puffs, or chocolate éclairs. Sweet food binds us together, regardless of our heritage.


6. Try Mixing New Cocktails

It’s always a good idea to add a fun cocktail instead of a boring wine into the mix for a cozy night. You won’t become mixology masters but will definitely set the mood for a romantic evening if you try some fresh tasty libations. Carve fruit into heart shapes, adorn the glasses with candles, or add a single flower. Chocolate and strawberries can be the mighty aphrodisiacs to make the evening unforgettable even if you prefer non-alcoholic variants or are to join work-related Zoom-meeting in the morning.

7. Unleash Your Inner Artists

Everyone likes a good surprise that says “I love you” in a very creative way. You can visit a virtual master-class in painting or crafts and make the sweet little thing to show your love, abandoning cliche. So, embrace your creative side, put on your crafting gloves, and think outside of the box. The finished result will bring satisfaction (or at least a good laugh) and prove that love doesn’t cost a thing.

8. Get Set Going for a Movie Marathon

Spend this Valentine’s Day watching the best titles or latest releases of cheesy rom-coms, a slightly sad dramas, or charming romantic comedies. Watch as many as you want with your significant other, ranging from timeless classics to new-age love stories. Netflix, Disney+Hotstar Premium or iTunes can be the ushers for you. It’s a perfect time to enjoy a lazy evening on the sofa on this special day, celebrating love and warmth together.

9. Enjoy a Spa Day

A night of gentle pampering includes a few candles, stress-relieving massage oil and a long bubble bath. Make a surprise for your partner with a new foot spa and a few massage tricks you’ve picked up on YouTube. Delicate hydrating face masks are helpful to end the day in a happy mood with a serious Valentine’s Day glow.

As soon as you realize that Valentine’s Day grants a great opportunity to have fun and plenty romantic moments, showering everyone with love, you will be wise in not glooming over trifles. With a little planning on decor to show appreciation, outfits to set the mood, and food to enjoy the menu you’ll have a great holiday without leaving the couch whether you are spending the night with a family or alone. Next day you may return in a cheerful mind to the best LinkedIn profile writing service and job search, refreshed and rested.

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