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How to make “Business Advertising Signs” to be impressed!!

Have you ever noticed to yourself why when you walk past some “How to make “Business Advertising Signs” to be impressed!! signs” ทำป้าย advertising signs are eye-catching? When I see it, I invite you to stop looking, stop reading. while some signs and just ignored Walked past for a month and still do not know what the “advertising signs” advertising signs say. The reason for this arises from the attractiveness of the “ signs” advertising signs, which directly affect the feelings of passersby. If it’s good and interesting, people will look at it. But if it’s not interesting, “advertising signs” advertising signs are useless and in this topic, we will talk about making the signs attractive, outstanding, to create value for the product.

1) “Advertising signs” must be easy to understand,How to make “Business Advertising Signs” to be impressed!! meaning they must communicate clearly. One reading can understand the essence that needs to be communicated. Do not have to interpret multiple layers. because it causes boredom and does not attract

2) The size of the sign is appropriate. How to make “Business Advertising Signs” to be impressed!!Both the location and the message that needs to be conveyed, such as making a cutout sign 2 meters high, 2 meters wide, would not allow it to be placed in the building. Such a large size should be placed outdoors. because of the large sign making it noticeable On the other hand, if using a 1×2 inch vinyl cloth banner mounted on a 3rd floor building, it is also not appropriate. because it is too small

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3) Good idea, current advertisements are very different from past advertisements. In the past, advertising works were meant to tell the type of product. its only benefit But nowadays, every media ad focuses on selling ideas. I was amazed when I saw it invites various feelings, including happiness, sadness, amused and stunned from foreign advertisements

Therefore, if you want your own “advertising signs” to be attractive, outstanding and to be talked about. should be creative Put enough ideas in This just adds value to our advertisements to be memorable.

4) Images fit the text Many times “billboards” advertising signs are successful because images and promotional text are related, meaning that when viewed with separate images and text. Both of them can already be well-meaning. But when brought together The image will further encourage the message to be clearer. As for the text, the more it encourages the image to be sharper. It conveys the meaning more directly, such as the message “Shopping is super cheap, shocking” and an illustration of a woman holding shopping bags with her mouth open. Making big eyes and doing money scattering gestures, etc. From this example, it can be seen that if they are on the same sign, it will increase the mood of the reader even more.

5) Arrangement of elements on “advertising signs” advertising signs, the main elements on the label consists of Text and images and colors Everything must be balanced, not conflicting with each other, not causing discomfort to the eyes. For an image, it must communicate with the reader in a certain way, for example, it could be a well-taken product image. It is the image of people using the product or the benefits of the product, etc. The colors must convey emotion in accordance with the theme of the sign. It’s not that I’m talking about summer, but the purple tones are too contradictory.

A simple rule of thumb for arranging elements on “advertising signs” is that the fonts must be clear, easy to read, large, and use concise text. but good meaning (Not too short because you can’t read and not too long because you can’t read. If you drive past it, you won’t be able to read it), which in this composition is a very challenging task. Because it is an indicator that it can affect the feelings of the reader or not. If the message is hit after reading Readers will immediately have a craving for our products. So this is a difficult task for making labels. Instead, we need to think about what readers want to read and what they get from reading our signs. In large companies, there is always a team of copywriters to come up with cool advertisements.

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Images must be arranged to fit. Images must choose images that are beautiful, sharp, not pixelated, suitable for text. Do not put too much until it looks cluttered. Or put too little to look unattractive. However, there are many techniques for placing images on billboards, such as using it to compose text, using it as a sign background. Or may emphasize the image to stand out more than the text. But either way, it should be made clear that way. The image should not be obscured by the characters until they are illegible. Or if it’s black gown, the color should be softened. to add interest to the text, etc.

In the subject of composition, Herman F. Brandt studied the focus, which is the most dominant position of an image, as measured by looking at a square of paper size. The results were summarized in the points of interest in our view as follows:

41% 20%

25% 14%

In terms of color, you should choose a tone that is not conflicting with each other in the “advertising signs” advertising signs, because instead of being pretty, it looks cluttered and uninteresting. But if you choose the right color Our labels will also look tasteful and build credibility.

6) Use quality materials. No matter what kind of “advertising signs” advertising signs are made of, they should stick to quality stuff. Don’t just save on small things. I think that buying grade B is cheaper than grade A, many baht, so choose grade B, but if you really try to prove it I know that the quality is cheaper. Look at the value, durability, focusing on the service life of many years. If you choose to use items that are not of good quality after a few years, you have to pay for repairs. And have to waste time to take care of them as well. In the case of large signs installed outside the building, wood or steel structures must be used. The more you need to choose quality items. have strong durability Because the exterior of the building has to face problems such as strong winds and rain, choosing quality products will reduce maintenance costs and increase safety for users as well.

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