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How to Log Into Someone’s Facebook Account Without Them Knowing

If you want to know how to log into someone’s Facebook account without making them suspicious, this article is for you! We’ll discuss both free and paid ways to do that. But before we get to it, let’s first see why you might need to log into someone’s Facebook.

Why You May Need to Log Into Someone Else’s Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites today. More than a billion people use it every month. Unfortunately, your kids, parents, and other loved ones are not always safe on this platform, which is why you might need to log into their account.

Here are some of the reasons for you to log into someone’s Facebook Account:

  • Catch a cheating spouse

Marital infidelity can break your heart like nothing else. And if you already get suspicious and you believe your spouse may be cheating on you, you can just get ahead of the situation by spying on their Facebook account and confront them with proof.

  • Ensure your kids’ safety

Kids spend plenty of their time on Facebook, and not all users on this platform are good Samaritans. If you believe your kids are in contact with someone suspicious on the platform, you can monitor their account to ensure their safety from bullies, predators, etc.

  • Keep your parents safe

Online scams are prevalent today. While millennials and zoomers are harder to deceive, older people can still fall for them. You must be proactive to make sure your parents don’t become prey to scammers, and one way of doing it is by seeing their activity on Facebook.

These are just a few common scenarios. Many other situations like those we mentioned can make you take pre-emptive action well before anything goes wrong.

Methods That Other Users Recommend

Now that we have covered the scenarios that warrant a need for spying let’s now see how to log into someone else’s Facebook. While there are quite a few ways to do that, below, we have listed the ones that actually work.

All these hacks require you to manually access the target user’s phone. More importantly, the user would get notified once you log into their Facebook from your phone and would get suspicious. That’s we don’t recommend these methods. But if you still want to try these, you can totally can.

  • Checking their saved passwords via browser: If you can access the laptop of the person who you want to spy on, you can just go to their Chrome settings and find the tab that saves their passwords. Just search for their Facebook password, and voila, that’s it!
  • Using forgot password feature: If you know the user’s email or Facebook ID, just enter it and click on ‘Forgot Password.’ You would receive an OTP on the user’s phone that you can enter on the Facebook site to generate a new login password.
  • Guessing their password: If you can’t access both the laptop and phone of the target user, you can try guessing their password. But it works rarely.

Method That We Recommend

There are a lot of ways to log into someone’s Facebook, however, most require you to have manual access to their phone. This way is not only effective but is also very inefficient. You can simply not manually check your kids’ phone way too often, they’ll get suspicious.

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So, what to do? Luckily, spying apps have you covered. They efficiently and effectively allow you to see what someone has been doing on Facebook. After testing several of such apps, we found eyeZy to be the best app to log into someone’s Facebook without them knowing.

Here’s how eyeZy helps you in this regard:

Awesome Keylogger Feature

eyeZy keystroke capture tracks all the keys someone press on their device. This will not only reveal their Facebook username and password but what words they repeatedly use in their conversations. Once you get user credentials, you can log into their account whenever you want. Just make sure to delete the login notification, though, so that they can never know you are spying on them.

Holistic Facebook Tracking Tool

Facebook tracking tool is another great feature that you get with eyeZy. It gets you the information you’re looking for by enabling you to track all incoming/outgoing messages on Facebook. You can even see pics and videos exchanged by the target user.

This method doesn’t need you to log into someone else’s Facebook. It allows you to see everything on your eyeZy dashboard that you set up after installing the app on the target device.


In most cases, it might seem unethical to spy on someone’s Facebook account. But there are some exceptions when it becomes necessary to go to great lengths.

If that’s the case with you, we recommend you to use eyeZy for the purpose. It’s safe, secure, easy to use, and – most importantly – gets the job done!

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