How to improve learning techniques?

Studying and learning are two different terms. Obviously, their meaning is also different. How to improve learning techniques? But most of us misunderstand it and end up thinking that these two words are the same. Studying refers to the act of reading and spending time finding information. How to improve learning techniques? Learning refers to gaining or acquiring knowledge by reading and trying to apply it in day to day activities. So one has to note that learning is important and inculcating learning habits and techniques is better than sitting and studying in one place. In this article, How to improve learning techniques? we will throw some light on how to improve the learning techniques. 

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Having an organized study space By Learning

A study space is a place where a student spends much of his time. The study space must be designed in such a way that all the necessary materials such as books, notes, writing materials must be available handy at that place. One need not wander all over the room in search of something. Limited and important items related to the subject that one is going to learn must be placed at the study table or space prior to the study. Organized study space can contribute to increased productivity and also yields good results in the end. 

Proper time management For Learning

Time management is the basic and mandatory skill that each and everyone must inculcate. But somehow one fails to manage it. The proper time management skills can be obtained by following a proper and scheduled routine. Allocating time slots for tasks can help one to manage his time effectively and also helps in accomplishing the task on time. Amongst students, one can allocate a specific amount of time for every subject such as one for solving English questions, next for maths and so on depending upon the requirement and study pattern. Time management helps in giving equal and sufficient time to all the activities such as academics, sports, entertainment, hobbies and also the me time. This helps to follow a proper schedule and helps to maintain the routine throughout the academic year. 

Proper writing skills

A student may be well versed with each and every concept and answer. One may not be good at presenting or writing them. Writing skills play a vital role in the examination. Knowing every concept and answer goes in vain when one does not know how to write an answer in an appropriate way. A flow of the answer must be stepwise with an introduction, main body of the answer and conclusion with examples and applications if applicable. Writing skills not only helps in writing answers but also help in a few other things such as writing an essay or formal letters to teachers or any other higher officials. It is one of the basic elements in one’s life. Writing a paragraph on some topic daily, solving few Commerce Q&A, can help in improving the skills day by day, 


Self regulation is the process in which one regulates their progress, monitor their skills and evaluate themselves based on their interest, choices and activities. A learner must be capable of noting his interest, planning his day and setting short terms and long term goals. In this process one has to notice his progress in his studies, try to make out in which subject is he lagging behind,  which career path van be chosen based on his interest. This regulation can also be applied to other activities such as sports, music, and other activities for the overall development of the student. Monitoring by own yields good results than being monitored by another person or mentor. A mentor can just guide and show the right path but self-analysis and regulation will definitely make one confident in choosing the right path.

Learning will not be productive if the proper learning skills are not adapted in the learning process. One will just study and will not gain the knowledge from the concepts if these kind of techniques are not practiced. One can have different procedures and methods based on their learning style. Learning style may vary from one person to another. One learns by good listening, some are visual learner and few learn by repetitive learning methods. Identifying the learning skills which one possess, adapting few new skills and practicing then throughout the academic life will help in achieving higher standards and also good grades.


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