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How to immigrate to New Zeland via studying?

The most popular and reliable way to live permanently or for a long time in New Zealand is to obtain a local qualification. The effectiveness of this process is one of the benefits of choosing New Zealand as your immigration or study destination. Locally qualified students are more attractive to New Zealand employers and because of the quality of New Zealand’s education, the government is keen to keep international students graduating from its educational institutions in the country.

Work and study visa

The fact is that most employers first apply for a valid work visa, after all, not many are willing to deal with immigration processes. In addition to New Zealand offering the opportunity for a work visa while you study, there are certain programs where you can count on an open work visa upon completion of the course (Post Study Work Visa) for at least another year.

Qualification and knowledge

With the right choice of institution, you can gain really interesting and relevant knowledge, strengthening existing skills or acquiring new skills that will help you in future employment.

Time and experience

A very important point is “time”. It takes time to adapt in the country, to establish new contacts and also to find a job opportunity. So, during the study period, you will not only have an understanding of your professional field in the country, but you will also be able to decide whether New Zealand, or the city you are in, suits you or not. This is the kind of situation that no one can give you the answers to if you don’t experience it.

Financial proof

The cost of a course in New Zealand can vary greatly depending on the educational institution and city chosen. However, regardless of the place of study, anyone wishing to apply for a student visa must prove that they have at least NZ$1250 for each month they intend to stay in the country.

This value must be proven with the money available in checking account, limit on accounts and cards, investments and savings of the student or a financial sponsor, which may be family or friends.

Areas in demand in New Zealand

What is most suitable for studying to be able to immigrate to New Zealand? The official Immigration website (INZ) provides a list of specialties in demand in the country that is constantly updated.

Accessing the Skill Shortage List Checker you can check which areas are or are not on the list of specialties that need qualified professionals.

There are different possibilities if your specialty is on the list, but if you do not have a sufficient level of knowledge of English your study option should start with a language course, and the option of continuing education after completing the English course is to follow for Diplomas or Postgraduate courses that may entitle you to a work visa after completing the course.

The ideal profile of people who may find it easier to immigrate to New Zealand is a specialist in an area that is in demand in the country, qualified, experienced and with a level of English at least advanced. In this situation, the possibility of finding a job opportunity and being able to continue with the processes to permanently reside in the country is very high.

Specialist in an in-demand area in New Zealand, but without a sufficient level of knowledge of the English language

In these cases a language course in the country of at least 14 weeks is an excellent option to develop language proficiency and in parallel you can look for a job opportunity. As a syllabus, the most reliable is to consider the continuing education option with Diplomas and Certifications courses.

The best options for English courses in New Zealand

Whichever path you choose, you will certainly need a certain level of English. Language courses can be an excellent first step in the country because during the course, you will be able to assess the living conditions and analyze your possibilities.

An area that does not appear on the demand list does not mean that there are no job opportunities in the country. However, in these specific cases the options are scarcer or competition can be much greater. Therefore, a study plan in Diploma and Graduation programs of at least one year will allow the student to have more time to find a good opportunity and after completing the course still have another year.

Professional with experience in the area, but without qualification

Getting a qualification in New Zealand from scratch may not be such a cheap process, but it is definitely worth the investment. New Zealand’s education is recognized worldwide and therefore investing in this process in the country could be useful anywhere in the world. In 1 year it is possible to complete a Diploma and have a certificate and in 3 years to complete a Bachelor’s course.

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