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How to Help Your Grandparents Gamble Safely Online

We have all noticed that even grandparents are getting computer-savvy these days. Most grandmas and grandpas are on Facebook and can video chat with us. They use online banking apps, order a ride through Uber and sometimes play computer games.

However, being able to use an app or website doesn’t mean that they are aware of all the risks out there. A lot of things can go wrong online including their computer being infected by a virus or their banking details being stolen. If they like to play casino games online, there are other specific threats as well and this is why it is important that somebody explains these threats to them.

We have put together a quick list on gambling safety with the help of Jacek Michałski, an iGaming expert from Poland. These are the key points you should cover when helping out your grandparents.

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1. Choose a licensed casino for them

Online gambling in Poland is the monopoly of the government. In 2016 a gambling law was made whereby only the state-owned Totalizator Sportowy can offer casino games in Poland and the government introduced a blocking mechanism of foreign online gambling sites. This regulation is very restrictive, in fact, one of the most restrictive in Europe and many online casinos are lobbying against the unfair decision.

However, on trusted review sites, you will find plenty of legalne kasyna w polsce that hold a license from a foreign jurisdiction and accepts players from Poland. As long as the site is licensed by an authority such as the Malta Gaming Authority of the UK Gaming Commission, your grandparents are safe to play there. Perhaps it is best if you select the casino for them.

Casinos that accept Polish players will often have customer support available in Polish. You can test this before you make your decision. Just jump on chat and ask if they can help you in Polish. If the site is blocked in Poland, you may want to install a VPN on your grandparents’ computer so that they can access the site.

2. Help your grandparents set a gambling budget

When we spend money online it doesn’t seem as real as when we spend cash from our wallet. If your grandparents are not that good with money, it can be risky for them to connect their bank card with the casino site and top up their account whenever the player balance is gone.

For this reason, all responsible online casinos offer money limits to be set. You can ask your grandparents what weekly or monthly limit they can afford to lose and set that budget for them. Once they reach the budget, the casino will not let them fund the account anymore and they will be forced to take a break for a little while.

3. Help them choose the games

Online gambling is a big investment opportunity these days as the business is growing rapidly. All demographics including the older generation are getting more interested in gambling games. Websites for grandparents may be designed simply but an online casino’s games lobby can be confusing for them in the beginning.

Some casinos offer over a thousand slot games and there can be dozens of blackjack and poker tables on offer. With games of chance, such as slots, not much can go wrong but you should explain the basics to them, such as how to set the wagers. You can show them how they can check the minimum bet levels so that they wouldn’t end up by accident at the high-rollers’ poker table only to lose a lot of money if they are not very experienced with poker yet.

4. Educate them about cybersecurity

Trusted casino sites will all use encryption technology so your grandparents banking details should be in good hands, however, there can be many other risks. Tell them to watch out for suspicious emails or phone calls supposedly coming from the casino, asking for their credit card details.

Help them set a strong password for their casino account and advise them to set up two-step authentication for their email account. Make sure they have good anti-virus software running and that it is updated regularly.

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There is nothing wrong with grandparents having some fun in online casinos. However, as they may be less tech-savvy than you, you could help them out with choosing a suitable gambling site and games, setting up budgets and educating them about online threats.

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