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How To Get More Foot Traffic To Your Local Business

Getting more foot traffic also refers to increasing the total visit of customers in your physical retail business that may be in the form of a store. In this digital era affected by the global covid pandemic on top, getting more foot traffic to your local business may be quite a challenge. However, digital marketing can make a big difference here.

It’s not always necessary that digital marketing can be used to promote only e-commerce. Digital marketing is an evolved form of marketing capitalizing on digital means and physical local businesses can benefit from it as well. In this article, we will talk more about how to get more foot traffic to your local business.

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  • Enlist your business on Google Business

Google has been the number one search engine for a very long time and people are increasingly getting dependent on it day by day. You can take advantage of this to draw a lot of foot traffic to your local business. 

If you want to show up on Google search Google must know about your business first and foremost. So the way to go is to register your business in Google business. If you want to register your business, you will be required to fill up certain details such as business name, opening hours, phone number, and other details. Make sure to provide detailed info as much as possible because it will give your customers a clear idea about your business. Moreover, you can add photos to your Google business profile as well, and adding pictures do tend to draw more customers’ attention.  

  • Local Inventory Ads

This is a paid service provided by Google that can boost foot traffic to your business. Google is going to suggest local inventory ads based on people’s searches. 

When someone uses Google to search for something specific like a watch, let’s say “Tissot” in an area, they would search with the keyword similar to “Tissot watch nearby”. Google will suggest Tissot products nearby with shop addresses and price details. So if you pay Google to show local ads, Google search results will show relevant products to customers based on their search. 

  • Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is one of the best ways of marketing in the digital age. The best part of social media marketing is the outstanding potential of reach and it is free to a deeper extent. Some of the most popular social media that you can use to get more foot traffic to your local business are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

The key to social media marketing is using concise and to-the-point captions of your business or the product you are willing to sell with eye-catching photographs. This works like a charm to attract potential customers. Writing punchy captions and concise descriptions is not the toughest job but if you are not fairly good at it, there are always content writers to do the job. You can also hire a professional photographer to take decent pictures and edit them. The importance of content quality in attracting more viewers cannot be overstated. It goes without saying that creating valuable content takes time and effort. As a result, implementing marketing automation tools such as local marketing software from Adplorer is the most effective solution for any local business.

If you have used social media even once, you already know what hashtags are. It’s a powerful tool to increase the reach of certain posts on social media based on relevance. You can use hashtags to index your post and it increases the chance of potential customers to discover your local business and more foot traffic. 

  • Video Marketing 

Video marketing is another powerful tool of digital marketing. To explain video marketing, it could be any video that promotes your business. 

The key to video marketing is a lot similar to social media marketing. The video needs to be precise and interesting, to the point along with a catchy caption and a detailed yet brief caption. There may be different video ideas that you can use to make a decent video. You can make a video showing your local business in a way that would make customers want to take a visit such as how well customers get treated and the additional benefits. 

YouTube and TikTok are some of the most popular sites for video marketing. Tiktok nowadays is getting increasingly popular because it is all about short videos with no longer than 60 seconds of duration. Consequently, people are more dragged towards these short videos and the video creators try to fit in as much as they can in these short videos. Recently, YouTube introduced YouTube Shorts which is quite similar to TikTok. 

  • Text Message Marketing 

Text Message is a great way of digital marketing that you can incorporate to get more foot traffic to your local business. Building up relationships with your customers is very important if you want to promote your local business and text messaging may be a key to that. 

Text message marketing is equivalent to reaching out to customers personally. Customers tend to appreciate when they receive a text message from any particular business. The text message may contain text regarding inventory details, promotions, discounts, last-minute offers, clearance sales, etc. You can even send promo codes with the text message that the customer can use in any future purchase. 

Text messages can be sent in different ways. Either you can opt for SMS, social media DMs, or even email as well. You can even SMS marketing services such as TextMagic where you can run SMS marketing with the most convenience. 

  • Engage With Local Community 

It is essential to engage with the local community and maintain a good relationship with them because, without the appreciation of the local community, your local business will do no good. 

When it comes to getting more foot traffic to your local business, every move shouldn’t be necessarily commercial. You can do many other things that you wouldn’t make a direct profit out of but certainly would increase the foot traffic to your local business. You can engage in community activities, host community activities, arrange to get together, giveaways, and many other ways to keep the community engaged. With increasing foot traffic to your store, you can also build up trust among the local people. 

Final Thoughts By Traffic

Lastly, getting more foot traffic to your local business is not something easy. By following the proper strategies as mentioned above and diligence, the foot traffic will increase gradually keeping your physical retail shop alive. 

Author Bio:

Scott Trick is the owner of a digital marketing agency called Surge Web Marketing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 2015.  Visit the website here:  They help businesses expand by using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, SEO, and now TikTok ads.  

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