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How to gain more customers through TikTok marketing

It took approximately 2 years since 2018 for TikTok to gain popularity as a marketing phenomenon. Since then, many individuals have established long-term careers and whole enterprises by using their TikTok following to promote their products and companies.

It is not precisely accurate that TikTok is built exclusively for Generation Z. By promoting your company in a direct, entertaining manner, you may leverage this reach to grow your business.

TikTok is clearly on a major upswing based on the two billion downloads of the latest social media platform. Your approach should involve developing a sophisticated growth marketing campaign for TikTok that aims to reach your target consumers by appealing to their interests.

Can’t decide where to begin? See how many of these tried-and-true techniques you can use to increase your customer base through TikTok.

Leveraging TikTok for Enhancing Customer Base

1. TikTok Ads Involving Hashtag Challenges

Users who view Hashtag challenge advertisements receive a particular banner ad that takes them to the details of the challenge’s rules and guidelines. This banner is situated on the platform’s Discover page, which relies on the advertiser’s content.

With analytics that include banner views, clicks, user-generated content, views, interaction, and trends, it is possible to evaluate its effectiveness in real-time.

This sponsored technique specifically targets customers who are more likely to convert, and therefore, it enhances your conversion metrics. The #inmydenim challenge is an excellent example of TikTok’s marketing approach since all those who opened the app were sent to the challenge page through an advertisement.

2. Ads Involving Brand Takeover

Advertising that incorporates video and picture content is one of the cleanest types of TikTok promotion, particularly if it leads to the promotion’s landing page or hashtag challenge.

Owing to the category exclusive limitation on TikTok, there is only one company that may use a category each day. One way to evaluate a brand’s success is to look at its impression and click-through rate (CTR). TikTok marketing tools are simple, user-friendly methods that provide excellent branding results.

3. Conducting Hashtag Challenges

It is one of the most popular Twitter-inspired marketing techniques that helps a company connect with its target market and disseminate the brand message naturally. Non-sponsored hashtag campaigns may turn any marketing approach into a popular option among consumers of the marketing strategy.

An influencer’s huge social network makes hashtag challenges more accessible to advertisers, making it a widely recognized advertisement approach. Furthermore, it garners immense organic engagements.

You just need to find some blogger and influencer connections and the ideas of entertaining and achievable tasks, as well as messages that are related to the content you’re promoting.

4. Engaging with your Customers

To find out about your target consumers’ desires, it is critical to interact with them on TikTok. To improve engagement, corporate users need to implement a TikTok engagement plan.

Participating in TikTok challenges is the fastest and most effective method to engage with your target audience. Likes, followers, and comments are useful for getting others to notice you, but it’s challenging participation in challenges that aids your experimentation.

Only choose TikTok activities that will enable you to develop your brand and industry. When trying to persuade your target audience to engage, be aware of what they’re doing and become engaged.

At least 35% of TikTok users have engaged in a hashtag challenge, according to the TikTok brand marketing report. When you start a hashtag challenge, you begin to learn what techniques are effective, and you use that knowledge to devise your own hashtag challenges to draw new clients.

5. Create a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

When it comes to creating valuable content, ensuring consistent brand identity must be the foremost goal. TikTok is popular for providing entertaining material, but there are other kinds of TikTok content that may also generate significant levels of interaction.

While there are many types of videos on TikTok, educational, food-related, health-based, and friendship-themed material also performs well.

To determine which material on TikTok is most useful to your target audience, focus on hashtags that have generated a lot of attention on the platform.

To identify the kind of content to create which is beneficial to your particular niche, search for hashtags relevant to your industry, and then cross-reference the results with popular hashtags. You may create useful instructional TikTok content by including your product in typical skincare scenarios to address skincare problems.

6. Leverage TikTok Analytics to Assess your User Acquisition Progress

Measuring campaign success is about determining if your SMART objectives are being reached. TikTok analytics is very simple to understand, making it easy to monitor how well your videos are performing.

While you must subscribe to TikTok Pro in order to access statistics, which costs $20 per month, this service may be completely free for some time. To see TikTok Analytics, visit your profile image on your smartphone and click on ‘Analytics’.

A complete dashboard that reports on your TikTok activities will be brought up and you can analyze this information to gauge accurate performance metrics of your TikTok profile.

7. Leverage the Power of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has an ROI of 501%, making it one of the most cost-effective methods for connecting with your target demographic. You may start thinking about ways to team up with influential people and use their influence to help boost your company’s branding and increase your target market.

You can discover some of the most influential people in your industry via sites that specialize in influencer marketing. Finding the right micro-influencers is always a smart idea. They have great engagement levels with their fans, even if they have millions of followers.

No matter who you collaborate with, ensure sure your relationship is in writing and that you sign an online contract to help both of you be clear on expectations. You may choose to continue your relationship based on concrete, quantifiable outcomes, or choose to put it on hold until those results become apparent.


By producing excellent content that your target audience likes to share, you can easily rise up the ranks and make a space for yourself in the ever-changing & highly competitive TikTok marketing space. By leveraging these 7 tips, you can build an online community that is loyal to your brand, which in turn drives in increased customers.

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