Tuesday, July 27, 2021

How to follow COVID safety protocols during an engagement ceremony in London?

You planned on getting engaged last year but the COVID19 made you postpone your plans. You probably thought, “This’ll be over in a few months, let’s wait it out”. But the virus clearly had other plans. So in 2021, when the pandemic 2.0 is still going pretty strong, many people finally decided that they had waited too long. Amidst this chaos, a little positivity: so we see quite a few engagements and weddings happening all over London. But since the risk of the virus is still high, the Government announced some strict rules and safety protocols to be followed. So if you’re planning an engagement ceremony now, here’s what you need to know to make sure you and your guests stay safe.

  • Guest List

Currently, the rules state that you can only have up to 30 guests. Earlier the limit was 15, but with some lockdown relaxation, the upper limit has been increased.

  • Venue

Unless you are planning a very small, household Hatton garden engagement ring ceremony, indoor ceremonies are not allowed. In order to have an indoor engagement ceremony, you can only have six people or two households. For more than that an outdoor ceremony is to be held. Open space has lesser risk of the virus passing on since there is less chance of direct physical contact between people, keeping the premise and the people safe. You need to assess if the space you plan to use will hold the decided number of guests comfortably. There should be social distancing.

  • Risk Assessment Compulsory

Whether it is an indoor venue or an outdoor one, a risk assessment is compulsory. As and when you register your ceremony with the officials, they will send a team to conduct the assessment and then give you the ‘go’ signal to have your ceremony if everything seems okay.

  • Masks compulsory

Masks are compulsory for the entire event. They can only be taken off when the guests are either eating or drinking. For the rest of the event, they have to stay on.

  • Entertainment

Indoor or outdoor entertainment such as a live band, magician, musician, etc. are allowed. There is no stated limit for the performers but they should comfortably be accommodated at the venue without any crowding.

  • No Dancing

The dance floors are supposed to stay closed. Only the couple can have the first dance, but apart from that a proper dance floor cannot be kept open. That area instead can be used for more seating.

  • Dining Rules

If there is food and drinks served, it must be done only at the tables. The guests should be seated comfortably and at a distance of 6 metres from each other in order to enjoy the food and beverages. Since masks will be of while eating, the distance maintained is of utmost importance.

We yes know there are too many rules and may seem disheartening. This definitely isn’t how anyone imagined their special days. But if we only take a moment to count our blessings to be able to celebrate our special day with our loved ones, it might not seem so bad after all. And while everything else is fully or partially shut, shopping for the engagement ring london isn’t. Don’t forget to check those out. So stay safe everyone, follow the safety protocols and have a wonderful time either getting engaged or attending someone’s engagement.

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