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How to Find a Wedding Venue That Is Perfect For You Two

Congratulations! Whether you’re recently engaged or you’re anticipating a proposal, planning a wedding is such an exciting project! Before you make too many plans for your big day, you should start by picking a venue to have your wedding at.

This can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with wedding planning, but fortunately, we’ve created a guide to help you. Keep reading our article to learn how to find a wedding venue that’s perfect for you and your partner.

Stick to Your Budget

A wedding venue is likely to be one of the biggest expenses of your big day, so you can expect to spend about 50% of your budget on it. Some wedding venues will have separate pricing for the ceremony and the reception, so make sure that any prices you’re given reflect what you need the venue for.

Remember Your Guest List

Before you start looking at wedding venues, you should have an estimate as to how large your guest list is going to be. The size of your guest list can help you filter through venues that are either too big or too small for your plans.

Is There a Desired Date?

Once you’ve gotten engaged, the first step to planning is usually to pick a date for your wedding. If you’re dead set on a particular date, you’ll want to book your venue as early as possible to make sure that someone else doesn’t claim that date.

Popular venues can especially fill up really quickly, so if a particular venue is more important to you than a date you may have to be more flexible and patient. Many couples who wait until a few months before their date can’t find a wedding venue in time.

What’s Included in Each Venue?

Many wedding venues will include amenities and services, or offer them for additional charges. Some of these things may be seating, tables, servers, bartenders, and clean-up fees. If you’re at an especially popular venue, they may offer their own catering and liquor service as well.

It’s important to know whether these venues merely offer these services or if they require them. Wedding venues will often have an approved list of vendors that they will only work with, so check to see what each venue will allow before booking anything!

Find a Wedding Venue that Suits Your Vision

What do you imagine when you talk about your wedding day? Do you imagine a sparkling ballroom that’s so elegant it looks like it came from a fairytale, or an all inclusive lakeside wedding surrounded by glowing lanterns and scenic gardens?

There are so many venue options that there’s bound to be something perfect for you and your partner whether you want something traditional or adventurous. It’s best to look at locations that you’re actually interested in, otherwise, you may end up with a venue that you don’t really want for your wedding day.

Let Us Know What You Think

Planning a wedding is exciting and stressful, so it’s easy to lose track of what’s important and get carried away with the details. Hopefully, this guide gave you a good idea of how to find a wedding venue that is perfect for you and your partner.

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