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How to Drink More Water Each Day: A Simple Guide

No matter how busy you are, it is always important to know how to drink more water to stay hydrated. There are always many things that keep us from drinking water. You might have a busy schedule or prefer other beverages like coffee, alcohol, or soft drinks.

Some people also avoid drinking too much water because they do not want to get stuck in a bathroom stall all day.

To stay in the best shape and prevent dehydration, here are the health benefits of water and why you need an easy strategy to keep on top of your daily requirement. Read on to learn more.

Why Drink Water?

Being hydrated is necessary for your health and well-being. This is because up to 60% of our bodies are made up of water. 90% of that is just in our blood. Without water, your kidneys and other bodily functions may fail.

Your skin can also become vulnerable to wrinkles and other disorders if you are dehydrated. Finally, drinking filtered water keeps you from weight gain, unlike sodas and alcoholic beverages with a lot of sugar and calories.

How to Drink More Water?

If your days are so busy that you cannot remember to drink water, you should start purposely downing a glass for every cup of coffee or other beverage.

For example, if you have made a cappuccino for breakfast, you should drink a quick glass of water with it. This way, you can make drinking water a regular habit when you consume other beverages.

Start Adding Ice

Another strategy is to sneak in some hydration by adding ice to your other drinks like sodas and smoothies. All you need to do is pop four ice cubes in your glass. This will add up to half a cup of water to any drink, and your taste buds will not feel much of a difference.

Eat Spicy Foods

If you add extra hot sauce or peppers to your meals, you will naturally increase your water consumption. This is because you need water to cool down your mouth after eating bites of spicy food.

With this simple strategy, you can conquer your hydration goals without significantly changing your diet.

Always Refill Your Glass

When you finish drinking a glass of water, you should immediately get up to refill it. This will make sure that you are always stocked up for your next sip. Then you will not have any excuses not to drink water when it sits right in front of you. It also helps to have the best quality water.

Always ensure that you have filtered water to enjoy consuming it more. Here is the correct filter for your fridge to help you access the most refreshing glass to prioritize your health goals.

Start Drinking Water Today

Knowing how to drink more water is essential if you want to improve your digestion system. Even if having a glass for the sake of staying hydrated is not enough of a health incentive, you should try to attach this habit to some of your other goals.

For example, push yourself to drink water right before a meal. This will also help prevent overeating. Then you should drink another glass an hour after consuming a meal to help your body absorb all the necessary micronutrients.

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