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How to Design a Productive Office Space

How to Design a Productive Office Space

Most people spend on average 40 hours per week in the office. As much as we are enjoying (or not) work from home, offices will be back in business soon. And perhaps, it’s the right time to put in some innovation to design a more productive space than before.

Plan a layout

First of all, take a pen and paper and plan the layout. Mark the different locations for different tasks- the conference room, the cafeteria, the individual workspaces, the reception, etc. Planning will help to decide the entire dynamics and think about what ways will work the best for everyone. This can work for existing as well as brand new offices.

Previously cubicles were a popular option in offices. But in recent times, modern offices are more open focusing on social connection. You can make similar decisions with the help of designers to decide what plan will work best for the kind of work that happens in your office. Do some research, plan, and make edits if necessary. How to Design a Productive Office space

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Take suggestions of office members

The opinion of every office member can play a crucial role to determine the most effective design. Let’s not forget that, the office is meant for the employees and they should be comfortable with the design that is chosen. You can take a small survey or have a group discussion to decide what fits every member of the office. This will also allow you to make every employee feel valued and in turn, they may give some valuable suggestions.Also, you can prefer glass cut to size in your office that enhance your office space.

Choose the right colours and patterns

Colours and patterns can set the persona of the office. Whatever design and plan you choose for the interiors, the colours of the walls will help accentuate them. Neutral colours like grey and white are often popular choices for offices but they can also be dull and boring. Hence, try to use some colours. Blue, green, and yellow can be excellent choices to invoke creativity, trust and confidence in the employees. You can also make things interesting with colourful patterns and stencil art. Use the brand logo or any interesting diagram to represent the people of the office. 

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One must note that the colours should not be too distracting. Bright reds and pinks may often be irritating to some people. The tones should be balanced and the colour scheme should be harmonious. Also read: Interior design trends for your bedroom in 2021

Light and sound effects How to Design a Productive 

The lights and sounds are also very crucial elements to set the energy of the office. Conference rooms are made to be soundproof but this works in cubicle systems. For open spaces, high ceilings do their role in decreasing the disturbance by sound. Specific music can also be added to the setting perhaps once in a while to keep the spirits up. Suitable Designs Of Gift Cards For Special Occasions

The lighting has to be perfectly decided for greater productivity. The wall colours should be complemented with the lights. It’s best to use outside light from windows and glass walls but there are a variety of ways to make office lighting interesting. The goal should be to use bright lights but not distract them. The colour of the light can also be changed according to the time of the day.

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