Tuesday, October 20, 2020

How to delete a Facebook page?

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Whether your Facebook page is meant for business, fans, or personal projects, sometimes it’s time to say goodbye and hit the delete button. For this, you should be aware of how to delete Facebook a page.

Facebook has pages which serve as platforms for people, business, artists, brands, organizations, and also other public figures to connect to their fans or customers. Moreover, Pages are always there to promote your business and to engage with your audience and fans.

Regardless of how good a Facebook page is going, a person sometimes feels like deleting the Facebook page. People have been asking for a long time how to delete a page.

There can be many reasons behind the deletion of the page. Sometimes it is not right for you to delete the page. To clarify, these reasons might include the availability of similar pages and the lack of time to manage your page. In such cases, a person can merge or unpublish instead of deleting pages.

However, these steps will help you to delete Facebook page instead of deleting the account.

1.     Delete Facebook page via desktop

If you have chosen to delete the Facebook page, then there is an outline of how to delete a Facebook page.

2.     Sign in

You need to sign in and log in to your account by opening Facebook.

3.     Click on Facebook pages

After sign in, there is an option of Pages under explore, which appears on the left side of the screen.

4.     Select the page which you want to delete

You need to choose the page which you want to delete. Click on the page which you no longer need and want to delete the page.

5.     Tap on settings

As soon as the Facebook page opens, you will have to tap on Settings, which is located on the upper-right corner of the screen.

6.     Tap on Edit and remove the page

When you open settings, you need to scroll until the bottom of the page. In the last row, you will find delete your page. You need to click on Edit in that row.

7.     Choose delete your Facebook page

You will come to see a notification that says you have 14 days to restore the page in case you change your time. If you are sure about your decision, then go ahead and click delete and type the page name. The text you type will change into blue.

8.     Tap on delete page

You will also come to see another button which will ask you if you are sure to delete the page or not. Click delete, and your page will be deleted successfully and permanently.

9.     Click OK

After you have tapped delete, an OK notification will appear. Click OK, and that’s the final step towards the deletion of your Facebook page.

The bottom line

In short, this tutorial is a complete solution for those who are asking How to delete Facebook page. Must read this article and get to know the steps to delete a page.

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