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How to Control Your Mind and Thoughts from procrastination


Just picture this in your mind; you are at your workplace and trying to complete your work. You are being in a hurry to complete your work before 5 as the next 2 days are of the weekend. You have a deadline of the day to complete but it feels impossible to windup the task due to your laziness.

Did I sound similar to your condition?

Did this happen to you as well?

Did you notice what went wrong?

It is very common in human nature and we all have been in the phase where we lose our focus for a couple of minutes. 

-This habit of leaving the task and staring mindlessly to anything, preferring enjoyable activity over anything or laughing at memes and being focused at the easy things at any moment is called procrastination, which is just a trap in which we can easily fall. 

What I believe is that evolution has changed us a lot and has taken away our time management skills which lead us to failure and eventually we fail to meet our deadlines. 

Because of technology and advancement, our brains are not efficient enough now to make long-term decisions. This fails time management.

While being at the office, most of us use to enjoy long coffee breaks, chitchat with our closes friend, and some of us prefer to have a look at social media and mobile phones. The basic cause of bringing procrastination in our lives is a distraction that is caused by smartphones and social interaction. 

HND assignments help penned in their last report, procrastination is going beyond work now and we are being lazy at our homes equally which shows that we aren’t serious about our life decisions. In the end, we feel guilty and curse ourselves for wasting the precious days of our life.

From avoiding something to choose pleasure and fun over discipline, the people around the whole globe suffer from procrastination.

Maybe it all sounded like a reflection of yours in words. Do not worry, the entire world procrastinate. The core focus is to look at the ways and hacks to avoid procrastination. Here are 4 ways that we all can implement in our lives and get rid of procrastination. 

Identify the Issues:

If you ever stuck while working, make sure to find out what is the thing that is getting in the way. Evolution Make sure to have a look at your habits, maybe some of them make you feel lazy or take you away from your work, then leave those habits. You can also do a Difficult Person Test.

Recognize your true potential and find either you work amazingly at night or right in the morning. Once you get to know when you can give your 100% to the task then get stick to it. 

Make a To-Do-List:

Writing down your goals can make it easy to achieve. This writing helps in staying on track. Jotting the goals make them look achievable and you feel easy to take the long-term decision. 

Research has also shown that humans work better while being under pressure and working under someone’s instructions. This helps the mind to stay active and you do not lose the focus while working over a task. 

Stay Away From Distractions:

Humans are not meant to be multitasked! Whenever you switch yourself from one task to another, your mind loses the motivation right there. You then take time to settle and here you waste a few minutes in the adjustment. 

Make sure to turn off all the distractions to give keen attention to your task. If you are addicted to social media, then schedule a time to use it and while working, do not let your phone take away your concentration from the task. However, I know how engaging and entertaining the content of evolution social platform is. 

Tackle the Hardest Task:

The work productivity and its timing vary from person to person. Make sure to find your time and then work accordingly. If you are a night owl or an early lark, schedule your timings for the completion of your task. 

Do not leave the important task for the end of the day. Wind up the hardest task right at your peak time because your concentration is equally good like your work productivity. So this results in ultimately evolution outstanding performance. 

Get Ready to Do it Right Away:

Last but not the least; do not leave any task for the next day in the middle. It breaks the momentum and whatever gets on pending stays on pending. So try to complete the task right on time on the same day. 

Try to make the specific deadlines for every task; this will help you in staying motivated and organized towards the achievement of your goals. And after all, you can do everything!

Procrastination can take over you, it can easily resist your true evolution  potential, but with your time management and a little rewiring of the brain, you can overcome it. You can also break the task into manageable chunks if you feel they are delaying because of the length. The trap of procrastination is a lot powerful and it is recommended to take proficient and proactive steps to prevent it. Coming out of it asks you to be attentive towards the task and follow the aforementioned tips. These tips will help you to move towards your goals and you would not be demotivated.

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