How to Choose the Right Mouse: Top 4 Criteria to Look at

Even advanced computer users sometimes don’t pay attention to the computer mouse. Often people who are engaged in creativity or actively play video games don’t even notice their shortcomings. The average user can remember the feeling of a stiff arm after gambling or a long surfing on the Internet. How to Choose the Right Mouse: Often the mouse is to blame for this. What is worth to be guided by when choosing a computer mouse? How to Choose the Right Mouse:

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Sensor Type By Mouse

Decide what you are going to use your new mouse for and in what conditions. This will directly affect the type of sensor you are comfortable with. There are two main types – laser and optical. A little more about them: How to Choose the Right Mouse:

  • If you need a mouse for precise cursor use, such as in graphic editors or for video games, then mice with an optical sensor will suit you better. But if you buy such a mouse, you should buy the special rug as well, because the sensor will work much worse without it.
  • If you don’t use a mouse rug at home or if you choose a mouse for traveling and you need a reliable mouse on different surfaces, a laser mouse will be preferable.


The shape of the mouse depends on the preference and palm of the future owner. Often, scrolling through reviews on popular online stores, you can see mice with a great sensor and modern design, but with a mass of bad reviews. Often it’s the shape of the mouse that’s the problem. Also look closely at what type of grip you use the mouse. There are three in total:

  • Palm grip. Your palm rests fully on the mouse, with your fingers resting on the buttons. The most relaxed and relaxed grip. It’s better to choose a large and wide mouse for this grip, but the size should vary depending on your palm.
  • Claw grip. Your palm is curved and your fingers are not resting, but resting with their pads on the buttons. Such grip makes your hand tense but allows you to click very quickly and move the cursor with high precision within a short period of time. Usually used by gamers. Such mice are usually not wide but oblong.
  • Finger mouse. The lower part of the hand rests on the table, and the mouse is controlled with the fingertips. This grip is not popular among users because fingers get tired after a very short time. Sometimes this grip is used by people with long fingers.

When choosing a mouse, look carefully at the size of the device in relation to your hands. You can do it through the reviews on Youtube or by looking at the description of the model in the internet articles, but the best way is to look at it in person. Even if you buy a mouse in an online store, go to an offline store first and pick up the mouse. There may be some sense of novelty, but overall, the mouse should be comfortable. If there are no big stores in your city, ask the courier to unpack the mouse and take a closer look. If you want to buy a mouse but can’t decide on the shape, get a transformer mouse. They have several interchangeable side pads, so one mouse can come in many different shapes.

Type of Connectivity For Mouse

Why go for the perennially tangled wires? But wireless mice have a number of drawbacks. They need to be constantly charged or change batteries, are often much heavier, and have delays (i.e., the cursor won’t move immediately, but after some time). Some wired mice have a cord winding mechanism, which is convenient on the road.

But when considering wireless mice, pay attention to the battery capacity, if installed, and its weight. In wired mice, you should look at the material from which the insulation is made. Often you can see rubber there, but it also varies. When buying a corded mouse, you should check the following:

  • Check the cord for “memory effect”, the cable should not remember the shape in which it was bent, and calmly unwind.
  • Pay attention to the connection of the cable to the mouse and to the USB socket. The cable should not walk or break at the first unfortunate fall.
  • Length of the cord. The ideal length would be when the cord does not get tangled under your hands and feet, but also does not restrict the movements of the user.

On some gaming mice you can find a braid. Besides beauty it adds durability to the cord, but even here you should be careful. The braid should not be fluffy, sprawling or hinder the movement.

Case Material and Build Quality

Since you will be in frequent contact with the mouse, it’s reasonable to choose the material from which the mouse will be made. Sometimes there are exotic mice made of metal and glass, but the following options are usually used:

  • Plain plastic. Such mice are often found in offices. The plastic is painted or even has some kind of pattern. The cheapest option, but it is not worth waiting for pleasant feelings for your palms.
  • Soft touch plastic. These mice are nice to the touch, but can be quickly wiped. Here everything depends on the quality of the cover.
  • Matte plastic. Very hard-wearing, almost indestructible, comfortable to the touch but in comparison with soft touch covering it is inferior in quality.

If you want a comfortable mouse, go for soft touch, the best economy is dyed plastic, and the balance between durability and comfort is matte plastic mice.

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