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How to choose the right bowling ball in East Tamaki

Bowling is a game that’s gaining a lot of popularity in East Tamaki. You’ll get many tournaments and competitions that hold this game at various levels for beginners, amateurs and champions. Therefore, regardless of your experience level, if you want an exciting game that won’t strain you, you should consider bowling East Tamaki. How to choose the right bowling ball However, for success, it’s essential to find the right bowling ball. Below are tips for choosing the right bowling ball:

  1. Weight

This is probably the first thing you need to consider when getting a bowling ball. In most cases, how you perform in bowling East Tamaki will depend on whether you’re able to handle the ball without straining properly. If you select a bowling ball that’s too heavy, you’ll strain a lot. Again, if the ball is too light, you won’t get the right balance when playing the game. Whether you lose or win the bowling game, the difference might be a result of ball weight. Generally, when choosing a bowling ball, the rule of the thumb is 1 pound should be equated to a bodyweight equivalent to 10 pounds. For instance, if your weight is approximately 120 pounds, a bowling ball that’s 12 or 13 pounds is okay.

  1. Type of core

Different bowling balls have different core types. These cores have a great impact on performance while playing this game. Therefore, it’s essential to find a bowling ball with the right core. Generally, there are 3 core types for bowling balls, i.e. pancake cores, symmetrical cores and asymmetrical cores. Pancake cores have excellent features that suit beginners. You’ll find them in bowling balls for beginners. They can be easily controlled and don’t require too much adjustment and thus providing a good experience. Symmetrical cores are found in advanced bowling balls. Lastly, bowling balls with asymmetrical cores are the most common and liked. This is because they provide better control of bowling balls by making angular motions.
bowling ball

  1. Material

It’s essential to find a bowling ball with the right material. However, this is mostly dependent on the level of skills. For beginners, it’s advisable to choose a bowling ball made of polyester or plastic. These kinds of balls are the cheapest, meaning that you won’t have spent huge chunks of money,How to choose the right bowling ball  especially if you’re on a tight budget. Advanced and immediate players can choose bowling balls made of reactive resin or urethane.

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  1. Grip

It’s not easy to perform better in bowling East Tamaki without the right ball with the right grip, even if its weight is fine. Generally, bowling balls have two kinds of grips, i.e. fingertip and conventional grip. The general rule here is to ensure that the ball is held comfortably.

  1. Find a good shop

Finding a good shop to buy your favourite bowling ball is equally important. You can find online or physical stores with knowledgeable staff who can guide you, especially if you’re a beginner. The staff will explain in detail all features and help you get the best bowling ball depending on your needs. Additionally, they can also help you customize the ball’s grip to ensure you get a quality experience when gaming.

These are the top tips for choosing the right bowling ball. To make bowling East Tamaki a memorable experience, be ready to get the right bowling ball.

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