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How to Choose the Best Wedding Suit

Are you preparing for a wedding?

As the culture around this special occasion evolves, men have amped up their game. More and more men have started appreciating looking fashionable and well-put-together. There’s no reason why grooms can’t be stylish and dapper for their own special day too!

After all, you wouldn’t want to look back at your photos and regret your fashion choice. Find your perfect wedding suit to best match your bride’s dream dress. Read on to discover how you can look your best on your wedding day.

Post-Pandemic Weddings

With the world reopening, weddings are on the top list of events to be un-canceled. There even is an expected 25% increase in weddings as the year ends. This comes as no surprise.

Everyone can’t wait to meet their much-loved family and friends. That said, with over a year of not getting to wear fancy clothes, everyone is bound to put on their best outfits. Don’t miss out on this.

While it’s tempting to buy a ready-made wedding suit, this isn’t the best idea. A store-bought suit might be a good choice if you’re a guest. However, as the man-of-the-hour, you might want to treat yourself too.

Besides, you’d have immense luck if you find a suit off-the-rack that fits you like a glove. This isn’t always the case for everyone. Don’t let your guests outshine you on your special day.

Find the best wedding suit for a day to remember. Here are some tips on how to choose and buy a wedding suit that’s enviable and praise-worthy.

1. Know the Wedding Motif or Theme

Most weddings have a certain motif or theme. It’s a faux pas to wear a tux to a bohemian or beach wedding. The same goes for underdressing for a black-tie event.

More so, you wouldn’t want to be wearing colors that clash and don’t coordinate with your motif. This is why having and knowing the wedding motif and theme is crucial for your wedding style.

2. Consider the Seasons

There’s a reason why June is the most popular month for weddings. The weather during this time of summer is at the most consistent. Also, summer has some of the most fun color palettes to choose from.

That said, note that most wedding motifs revolve around a season’s colors. A common example would be pastels during spring and vibrant yellows and corals for summer. Earthier tones and deep reds are best for autumn, and muted neutrals or blues for winter.

3. Factor in Your Wedding Location

While most weddings are indoors, some are also held in open spaces. Especially with the global situation, garden and beach weddings have soared in popularity. With this to consider, you don’t want to dress in an inappropriate manner.

You wouldn’t want to be uncomfortable and sweaty during your wedding. You also don’t want to ruin your style by sweating through or getting mud and dirt on your (likely) expensive suit. If you plan to have an outdoor wedding during winter, make sure that your coat is well-coordinated with your suit.

4. Choose a Style You Like

You might think that an expensive suit will make you look your best. While this is true, you might lack the key to rocking it – confidence. You’ll feel more confident if you’re wearing a style you like.

Don’t wear an expensive “monkey suit” that doesn’t make you feel like a million bucks. Nevertheless, make sure that you also choose one that complements you. If you’re not quite sure about what you want, you can look for ideas online – experts like those at mensweddingstyle.com have your back.

5. Consult a Stylist

Are you unsure about the right style and look? Do your family and friends find your choices questionable? It may be time to consult a stylist. Stylists are professionals who know womens’ and mens’ fashion to a tee.

They have gone to school for this very moment. One look at you, and they’ll know the right outfit to recommend. If you’re looking to take the stress out of the suit shopping process, then a stylist is for you.

6. Find Your Size

There’s nothing more unflattering than a suit that doesn’t fit you well. A baggy suit would make you look like a sloppy slob, while one that’s too fitted might make you seem like a try-hard. This is why finding the right size is important.

Suits can be expensive; you want one that would last you a good while. An advantage you have over the bride is that you can re-use your suit even after the wedding.

7. Have It Tailored

A tailored suit will have everything you want and more. If you’re ready to splurge a bit for your style, then have your suit tailored by a professional. Not only can you choose the color combinations, but it’s also sure to be the perfect fit.

The right sleeve and pants length are two of the biggest challenges when buying the perfect suit. Having one tailored overcomes this issue. By trusting an expert in the art of tailoring, you’re sure to walk away with a personalized suit.

8. Coordinate Your Accessories

It doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen to go with a more classic look or a bold one. You still have to make sure that you wear the right accessories. Having the right tie or bowtie, boutonniere, pocket square, belt, and shoes match your suit is key.

This will make you look put together and will contribute to a classier look. You might even want to go as far as having the right cuff links or mens’ jewelry to accentuate your attire. There’s nothing worse than having the perfect suit with terrible, mismatching accessories.

Pick the Perfect Wedding Suit for the Perfect Day

Your wedding day is as special for you as it is for your partner, so don’t settle for a bad or cheap suit. Choose a wedding suit that makes you look your best and which will elevate the occasion. If you find yourself in need of more tips, there are plenty of informative articles to look through.

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