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How to change the YouTube channel name?

How to change youtube channel name? People always wanted and needed to expand their business and skills all over the world, and using the Internet and social media are effective platforms to expose your business. YouTube pages serve as platforms on which people expand their business, show their talent, and make videos.

Moreover, when a person gets a significant number of subscribers, then YouTube also starts monetization. So people have been using YouTube channels as a source of full time or part-time business.

Sometimes the people are not satisfied with the name of their YouTube channel. People name their YouTube channels, and after some time, they feel it like changing the name of their YouTube channel. People are very lucky to have an edit option so they can edit the name of their YouTube channel every time they feel like changing. But how to change youtube channel name.

That is why people have always been in search of an authentic way by which they can change the name of their YouTube channel. People need to know an important point that they can only change their YouTube channel name three times in 90 days. So they should think quite carefully while changing and editing the name of their YouTube channel.

This article contains all the necessary information which people need know how to change youtube channel name.


Changing the name of the YouTube channel

People will have to follow the following steps to change the name of their YouTube channel. Changing the YouTube channel name is not so complicated so let us get started.

1.     Go to YouTube

A person will need to open YouTube on his laptop or whatever the device he is using.

2.     Sign in to your account

After opening YouTube, the user needs to sign into his account.

3.     Tap on the account icon

After signing into the account, the user needs to tap the account icon located at the screen’s right top corner. The icon might contain your picture or a circle with an alphabet in it.

4.     Tap settings

After that, the user is directed to tap on Settings. The settings are located at the dropdown menu, which starts to appear.

5.     Edit on Google

When the user comes to see the next page, then he will see his current YouTube name. The user needs to click on the words “Edit on Google” along with his name.

6.     Edit the current name with the new name

The user then needs to edit the previous YouTube channel name with a new how to change youtube channel name.

7.     Click OK

After editing the YouTube channel name, the OK button will appear, which the user needs to tap to complete the process.

These are the few steps that a user can take to change the user name. After these steps, the new YouTube username will appear on your YouTube channel and on the videos he posts on several social media platforms. Sometimes a change is good; therefore, people should change the names and pictures on social media accounts and YouTube channels.

In short follow the above steps if you want to know. So you can get a better impression on your YouTube channel.

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