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How to change Reddit username?

how to change Reddit username? Reddit is such a place where people interact with other people. This website is a platform of right as well as wrong interactions, and of the people have made wrong interactions, then they have to face the consequences. Also, an account is penalized when a person makes wrong interactions. 

Reddit is a website that is striving its best to get more updated and better quality. Also, being a user, a person should know how to change Reddit username. People have several queries about this platform, but the main focus of this article is to change usernames and display names.

1.     A Reddit username 

Before getting started, people need to know what a Reddit username is. The Reddit username is the display name that is will display to the people throughout the world. A person can change the username and display name whenever he feels like changing.

2.     Resetting the username

A person can change Reddit username or display name/ it has not still become famous among people to change Reddit username, but people can still have a chance to change their username.  To find out how to change Reddit username,

The following is a guideline about changing the Reddit username and display name.

  • You need to go to the link that was sent by the website during the verification and registration with Reddit.
  • Now, you will come to see your username. You need to follow the link, and you need to write the current Reddit username and not the one you are deciding to put.

People throughout the world ask the method to change the Reddit username. But the users need to know that once they have changed the username, it becomes permanent, and it becomes unchangeable.

3.     Changing display name on Reddit

You will have to register yourself so to make sure that you want your name on public display and not the URL. It is quite easy to change the Reddit display name. You have to click on Settings, which are at the bottom left corner of your profile. Tap on customizing profiles. A page will come where you can edit your previous name and change your display name.

4.     Changing Snapchat username on Reddit

In Snapchat, you cannot change your username. In such a case, you can use the Snapchat username on Reddit. You will have to go through a few steps to change your Snapchat username on Reddit. For this purpose, you will have to tap on the top right corner of the application. Tap on your account. Then tap on your name. Edit your previous name and give a new name, and then save the changes.

The bottom line

These are some methods by which you can choose your username, display name, and Snapchat username on Reddit. A person needs to consider it important to know that once you have registered yourself by opening a Reddit account, then the username cannot be changed in any situation. On the other hand, usernames on several different applications, such as Instagram and Snapchat, can be edited on Reddit.

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