How to break a fever?

How to break a fever: When the body’s temperature gets higher than usual, then the state is called fever. Different people have different normal body temperatures, but the standard value of normal temperature is 98.6 F. Fever itself is not a disease, but it is a sign that your body is fighting off disease and infections. Several infections are known to cause fever.

There are many reasons behind the raised temperature of a person, and people have been searching for a long time how to break a fever. Sometimes a person suffers from fever because he has a compromised nutritional condition and lowered immunity. Some people may suffer from fever due to immunizations and sunburn. The people who have low immunity and compromised health are more vulnerable to fever as compared to people with good health and high immunity.

The majority of the people have been searching on how to break a fever. If the fever is prolonged and is not going anywhere, then people find ways to break a fever. A person can follow the following tips to break the fever.

1. Assess the fever

A person needs to assess his temperature to confirm whether he is suffering from fever or not. He needs to check the symptoms also, and if the temperature goes above 100.4 F, then he has a fever.

2. Give your body rest

A person needs to take more rest and stay in bed when he has a fever. Fever is itself a condition in which a person feels restless and weak. So to break a fever, a person needs to take more rest than usual.

3. Drink water more often

A person’s fluid requirements also increase during fever, so he should keep his body hydrated during fever. To maintain hydration, the person should consume more water and east juicy fruits and vegetables.

4. Take OTC drugs

OTC drugs are helps to break a fever. OTC drugs such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen are helpful in reducing fever. You can you  OTC drugs with proper physician’s recommendations. Ibuprofen should not be given to the infants, and acetaminophen should not be given to babies less than six months old.

5. Stay cool

A person needs to get the heat out of his body so he should stay cool. Do not wear extra clothes, and do not use blankets until you feel chills.

6. Tepid baths

Tepid baths are another way to break a fever. Cold compresses, on the other hand, are effective in breaking a fever. Moreover, ice cube baths, alcohol baths, and cold baths are not as effective as they can be dangerous, so you should avoid them.

7. Share your concerns with your physician

Regardless of all the precautionary measures and steps, you take to break your fever; you should consult your temperature and symptoms with your health care physician.

The bottom line

These points are an answer to how to break a fever. If people suffer from a prolonged fever, then they should adopt the above-mentioned points as they are quite effective in breaking the fever.

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