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How to Attract New Audiences to Your Venue

Drawing attendees to your venue is obviously a must for it to be profitable. How to Attract New Audiences to Your Venue An effective marketing strategy can help you reach the right one so that you can bring in the dollars you need to keep it running and earn enough to make a living too.

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If your venue isn’t making the profits you hoped it would, it might be time to attract new audiences. For example, How to Attract New Audiences to Your Venue if you have a comedy club, drawing young couples who go out more often and are likely to spend money on food and drink is ideal. If you aren’t getting those types of customers, it’s time to change your strategy.

Identify the Ideal Audience By Venue

Whatever type of venue you have, you need to identify your ideal customers and then market to that target audience. If you have a club with a variety of entertainment, you made need to create a buyer persona for each type of event, keeping their typical characteristics in mind, such as age, profession, and location.

Market to a Wider Audience For Venue

Marketing to everyone is like throwing a dart at a huge target and hoping it lands in the middle. Catering to everyone means standing for no one as there is no one venue that can be everything for everybody. But you can expand your target audience. Consider the types of events that are suitable for your venue and market to those potential customers.

Book New Types of Entertainment

If you’ve been hosting local rock bands, maybe it’s time to switch things up and book a comedian? If you already have a comedy club, maybe booking different comedians that are more likely to attract the type of audience you want. If you can find someone who gets laughs from current events and topics that appeal to younger people, you’re likely to draw more of those young couples that tend to spend more.

Advertise in Places Your Target Audience are More Likely to Be

When you know who your target audience is, that means you’ve also identified where they’re most likely to learn about your venue. Obviously, social media is a big one. You might want to take advantage of sponsored ads that allow you to target specific groups of people by age, location, gender, and other factors.

You could advertise with radio stations your target audience is listening to, or even with local TV stations during programs they’re most likely to be watching.

Optimize Your Website and Publish Informative Content

If you don’t have a website, it’s past time to build one. Beyond that, be sure that it’s optimized so that your target audience can find it. Target local keywords such as “nightclub in Boston” or “comedy club in San Francisco,” or whatever is relevant. Think about the region and neighborhood you’re in too. If your venue happens to be close to a famous landmark like the Empire State Building, you can target that in y our marketing with phrases like “venue near Empire State Building.”

Having a blog can be an essential marketing tool. You can write about upcoming performers and provide readers with all sorts of useful tips while including keywords your target audience will be searching for. Be sure to include quality images and videos.

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