Tuesday, July 27, 2021

How to analyze a good fake ID?

In these modern times, technology has advanced to a degree that creating a fake id is quite easy. Making fake ids has many benefits such as allowing you to consume alcohol late at night, party all night, earn extra income, etc. A fake ID is basically an altered copy of your original identification card with some modifications including your state of residence and age.

Perhaps you have wondered what to look for when ordering a fake ID? Do fake identifications look like real ones? An important quality of a fake identification card is the fact that it is as similar as possible to your original card. Here is a set of tips that you can use to determine whether your fake identification card is legitimate or not.

Several ways can be used to analyze the quality of your generated fake identification. There are some vital components that must be taken into account if you wish to make a realistic-looking fake identification. Those three elements are noted below. Following these three elements is the basic concept of analyzing good fake identification.


A barcode is the most important feature of any ID card. it allows you to identify yourself, and it contains all of your personal and essential details. At the same time, barcodes are added to your card as additional security, so some of the best fake IDs have barcodes similar to the real ones and should also be scannable, so it won’t get you in trouble.


A large number of fraudulent IDs are caught because they use texts. Specialized text is the easiest way to determine if an ID is real or fake. However, today it is simple to make a card with similar text to the real one. Technology has progressed so much that machines can easily change the text according to your specifications.

A good fake ID is the one that has raised text and perfectly meets the criteria for displaying similar text as the original ID card. However, this job should be performed by a professional fake id maker who uses the best equipment. A fake id card with high functionality and properly equipped machines have a higher chance of passing the originality test, so you can analyze your fake id by comparing the text of your original id card.


In the process of verifying ID, another element is added in the form of holograms. Holograms are encoded components placed on the ID card by means of lasers. A similar process is used to make barcodes. An additional security measure is added to give the final product a sense of security. On the other hand, making a good fake id hologram is very tricky. Not all fake id makers succeed in making holograms. Therefore, you must inspect a hologram in order to determine the originality of the ID. Otherwise, you will be exposed to danger if the job of placing holograms is not done properly.

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