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English is a language that is considered very important in our country especially because it is becoming an increasing medium of communication at the work centers. However, HOW TO ACE CLASS 12 ENGLISH because of its increasing demand and importance students get very nervous and dread giving English exams. They do not know where to start and what to do to get good marks and improve their English. This leads to not only low scores but also low confidence. Precisely, due to this reason, this article will focus on all the steps, tips, tricks that will help the students ace their English exams and get out of the exam hall as a confident individual facing the world. The tips and steps involved in the article would provide students the essential boost in their preparation and tips on exams would help improve their content during their exams. Therefore, every student should read till the end of the article and give a tick to the tips they would definitely follow. Remember, that each step is important and no step should be skipped in order to enjoy the process and get full advantage of the information being shared via this article. Steps include: HOW TO ACE CLASS 12 ENGLISH

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  1. Thorough Reading – The first step anyone should follow when it comes to English exams is that they should know the syllabus and give a thorough reading to all the chapters. Read the chapters once or twice or for N number of times till you feel confident but read each chapter with regular intervals. This will allow better retention and understanding of the chapter and would help understand the message that the chapters try to portray thereby answering many questions that can be asked during the main exam. So students should give this point utmost importance for maximum benefits in exams. CBSE students should give thorough reading to NCERT books as it is from where the entire literature would come. They can assess the books from here – NCERT Class 12 Book for Flamingo PDF.
  2. Underline Important points – While reading the chapters make sure to underline important details i.e. give an in – depth read to all chapters and keep underline details to be able to quickly get back and read only important things. For example, students should underline characteristics of various characters as this part of the chapters form important questions.
  3. Right Format – The students should have the right format for all language related questions. They should know the right format of essays, letters, applications, resumes, notices, advertisements and everything else that is a part of the language section of the exams.
  4. Keep Practicing – It is very important for students to keep practicing the format of the exam paper especially that of language. Students should keep solving sample papers or previous years papers for practice every day. This is the only way to excel especially in the language section. However, keep in mind the time of the exam and then attempt the papers. A continuous practice of the language section will improve the skills of the students to a great extent.
  5. Read Carefully – it is very common for students to read the questions wrong. This leads to them giving wrong answers. This is very common in comprehensions which give multiple type questions also at times. Therefore, students should make it a point to read at least twice or thrice especially the comprehension. Students should look for what is asked in the question and then think of what they know about that question and accordingly they should frame the answers with the right and important keywords. This is a mistake that can be made but is also something that can easily be avoided by the students.
  6. Start with the strong section – The exam usually has two sections i.e. language and literature. Students should with practice know about their weak and strong section and accordingly start with their strong section first that will build faith and will give more time to the weak section. If done otherwise then students may spend a lot of time in their weak section and they may leave the strong section due to lack of time. Therefore, students should first do whatever they are confident with.
  7. Speaking and listening skills – This is the part of the practical which are of 20 marks. This is an important section for students to improve their English speaking and listening skills. This is a section that requires some practice in order to get those 20 marks and that skill. Students should listen to English interviews, English songs and English talk shows to work on this part of their exams. For additional help the students can switch on the subtitles of these shows and interviews to better understand what is being spoken by the people speaking.
  8. Answer according to marks – Students should answer questions as per the marks allotted i.e. if a question is of one mark then the students should avoid great details and be very precise with their answers. However, if the same question is slightly modified and is asked for more marks then they should increase the details in the answer and should give as many pointers as they are able to according to the question asked. This will show that the student has read the chapter and can answer precisely to the detail that is necessary and informative and hence will help fetch more marks.HOW TO ACE CLASS 12 ENGLISH
  9. Follow the instructions – While answering the language section, students should answer as per the instructions given. If a letter asks the students to include some details then they should add those details, if the essay asks you to stick to a word limit then they must stick to that limit. These are very important points that students do not consider and thereby they lose their marks usually half a mark for four such mistakes. Students should take care of their spellings and grammatical errors. This they can do by revising the exam sheet before submitting.

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