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How the x15 specs are strong in features

Last year, HONOR declared its first PC in the Malaysian market. How the x15 specs are strong in features She was the Honor Magic Book. That PC was unimaginable. It accompanied various springs at a unimaginably low cost of RM2, 299. The explanation we are discussing this PC today is that the new Honor MagicBook X15 is additionally beginning at a cost of RM2, 299. All in all, what’s happening with the HONOR MagicBook X15? What’s more do I suggest it? We should discuss this PC in the present survey. At the point when we first inboxed the HONOR MagicBook X15, we were welcomed with a moderate looking PC. Its Gun Metal Gray shading looks wonderful, How the x15 specs are strong in features very much like last year’s HONOR MagicBook. It’s likewise somewhat meager and lightweight – which is excellent. If you want to get the x15 specs along with original the best features then visit here to get.

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Screen features

Opening the cover uncovers a 15.6-inch IPS LCD screen running at 1080p. Truly, this is very norm for PC screens. The actual screen looks fine. Nonetheless, there are a few changes that I really want to feature. The screen bezels are flimsy on all sides, yet the webcam is presently on the console. I generally try to avoid this webcam arrangement by any means. This is the most exceedingly awful spot for a webcam and I don’t have the foggiest idea why HONOR chose to utilize this webcam arrangement. The main thing you can see is my noses.

Inhabitance additionally changed on the grounds that it can presently not go down 180. This was conceivable in the first HONOR MagicBook. It’s not actually nothing to joke about but rather it’s most certainly worth featuring in light of the fact that I figure a many individuals would see the value in this 180 occupation.

Taking everything into account

The HONOR has changed the vital covers from smooth to somewhat unpleasant? In any case, I truly like her cape. The trackpad is likewise nice and I ordinarily have no bad things to say about it. It tracks well and all markers function true to form as it additionally utilizes Windows Precision TouchPad drivers.

One of the significant contrasts from the first HONOR MagicBook is the position of the speaker. They are presently terminating from beneath and there are no top terminating speakers. It feels better in the event that I’m utilizing a PC on the work area – however it doesn’t feel better assuming I hold the PC in my lap. Albeit like the HONOR MagicBook from last year, there are ports.

Selection of ports

However, I actually think the selection of ports is enough for ordinary use. Before we talk about glasses, I need to call attention to that we have depicted this video in an unmistakable manner. We referenced that the new HONOR MagicBook X15 begins at RM2,299. In the initial piece of this video, we said “all along” in light of the fact that the HONOR MagicBook X15 comes in two distinct variations: the explanation we don’t speak much with regards to the exhibition of this PC is that either the Intel Core i3 or Core i5 – If you’re utilizing it to go to Facebook, go to some video calls, observe some Netflix, accomplish some office work, browse messages, it doesn’t make any difference much.

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