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How should capital be preserved and increased with the help of real property?

Purchase of flats for sale in Dubai Hills can be an excellent investment in the future and a stable financial support for you and your loved ones. How should capital be preserved and increased The official website told how an apartment in Dubai can save and increase capital.

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Reasons to invest in Arab property

Entrepreneurs from abroad and expats give the following reasons why they have decided to invest in Dubai property: How should capital be preserved and increased 

  • Individuals’ revenue and capital are not taxed;
  • There are freehold and free trade zones;
  • A favourable climate for investment and life;
  • Encouraging investment activity with the Golden Visa program;
  • Security of ownership and transfer of property; 
  • No rental taxes for property owners.

Dubai property market 

The impact of Covid-19 could not but affect the economy and the property market in Dubai in particular. But he managed to quickly regain momentum and even break several records in terms of sales and price increases. In late 2021 – early 2022, according to a statement published on the official website of the Dubai Land Department (DLD), the market will retain upward trend and continue to gain momentum. 

In Q4 2020, a total of 11,065 property transactions were completed. The final amount was AED 22.07 billion (almost $ 6 billion). These are good indicators against the background of a difficult epidemiological situation, given that home sales increased by 25%. 

In Q1 2021, 11,750 transactions were already concluded in the amount of 25.15 billion dirhams (6.8 billion dollars), which is 6% more than last year. 

Variety of real property

The property market of the advanced Emirate is equally impressive. Potential buyers and investors will find here the following housing variants for their purposes:

  • Studios;
  • Apartments;
  • Luxurious penthouses;
  • Duplex apartments (duplexes);
  • Elite villas;
  • Townhouses.

If you intend to invest in property for the purpose of further earnings, it is important to first analyze the market, study the districts and the demand for certain varieties of property. It is important to understand correctly what variety of properties is most in demand now. 

About what kind of housing is ruling supreme now, we can say with confidence that it is villa. People strive for spaciousness, they want to surround themselves with comfort and have a rest from the noisy city. It is a villa that can give all this and even more.

How should the capital be preserved and increased? 

The most popular variants for monetizing a house or apartment in Dubai are buying for subsequent renting or resale. Both variants suppose a certain amount of expectation. Payback will not come immediately. 

When it comes to renting, you can choose short-term or long-term. The first option is more profitable due to stable demand and high rates. With its help, you can earn up to 15% per annum. 

Long-term rentals are less profitable, but more stable. The owner enters into a contract with the tenant for at least one year, so there is no need to worry about the idleness of the property. On average, this type of rental brings 4-6% per annum. 

As for the resale, you will have to hold the property for some time (5-7 years) and wait for the price increase. 

Purchase of property in Dubai 

Ax Capital specialists will help you find an apartment for investment and residence in Dubai. Contact the realtors on the site on the issue of the property purchase and the conclusion of transactions.

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