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How People are Earning on Crypto Listings in 2022

The cryptocurrency market in recent years does not stand still, in fact, How People are Earning on Crypto Listings it develops very rapidly. That’s why many people simply can’t keep up with such a gigantic flow of information. Not to mention the fact that a lot of amateurs have recently entered this field and it is not so easy to find a good tier 1 crypto exchange.

That’s why we are going to take our time with some important questions. For example, How People are Earning on Crypto Listings how you can earn on the crypto listing, How People are Earning on Crypto Listings and we will also go deeper into the question of what it is in general. We need to know that in this business, without knowledge and a deep understanding of a particular area will be very difficult.

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What is a Crypto Listing?

In layman’s terms, listing coins on an exchange is simply adding them to the list of cryptocurrencies. Once added, they become available for trading, just like all other cryptocurrencies there. It is important to understand that for almost every blockchain project, having their currency on some well-known exchange is a very important point. It helps the project in further growth and faster development.

The listing also has a marketing component. When a new token is listed, the exchange usually makes an official statement. News resources pick up on this event – thus, the listing helps the team attract the attention of investors and token holders to the project. Maybe you remember the times when five years ago the very news of a token listing on cryptocurrency exchanges provided an easy start to the project. Now the situation is a bit different, but this procedure still makes a huge contribution to the development of any project.

How Does Listing Occurs?

In order not to let a scam token onto the site, exchanges chek new projects. This is followed by a round of negotiations. The average listing procedure is as follows:

  1. An application is submitted according to the established pattern of a particular platform.
  2. Exchange specialists analyze the project.
  3. If the analytical department gives the go-ahead, the exchange sends a list of requirements, based on which it is ready to cooperate. This can be simply payment for listing services or more complex schemes.
  4. If both parties were able to agree, then an agreement is signed, a date is set, and the work of opening the auction begins. This includes placing ads in all available online media.
  5. A technical connection to the bidding is being made.
  6. Users who have participated in the ICO contribute tokens to the exchange before listing.
  7. At the appointed time the coin appears in the trading terminal, and sales and purchases begin.

How to Make Money on Crypto Listing?

Not only the project team but also traders want to make money on the listing. Developers, as a rule, keep a part of native cryptocurrency in a special fund – “cash”. By selling some of the resources from this fund, the founders of the project can earn decent money.

In this case, they will not have any influence on the rate of their cryptocurrency.

As for the traders, they have a very good chance to earn if they have time to buy tokens when they see the potential of this cryptocurrency. Preferably, if there is an opportunity to do so as early as possible.

As an example of the successful growth of coins, after the beginning of trading on the exchange, the following can be noted:

AAVUP – the price rose from 9.7 USDT to 26 USDT in a week.

GRT – price grew 260 times from 0,03 USDT to 0,783 USDT in 3 days.

DF – just in one day the price went up from $0.11 to $0.33.

However, you must remember that not always coins get such a big increase from listing. There are also cases when investors start selling the asset very actively, and its price falls instead of rising.

How to Know About Future Crypto Listings?

Placing cryptocurrency on exchanges is not such a simple process. These platforms do not just add something at random, but thoroughly check applicants according to all criteria. Of course, the requirements are not disclosed, nor is the price they pay for reviewing an application or issuing a listing permit.

Listing a cryptocurrency on a top exchange usually increases the value of coins many times over, so exchanges do not disclose information about the date of such an offering. However, there are several ways to be among the first buyers:

  • Be sure to keep an eye on resources that publish information about upcoming listings taken from public sources.
  • Do not be squeamish about participation in airdrops, because there is a chance that in the future the project will be listed on one of the top stock exchanges.
  • It is also possible to buy cryptocurrencies immediately after the start of trading on the exchange and keep them for about 1-3 months. As a rule, after the “swing” of the first days, the value of startup tokens with high potential increases.


Now we know very well that the release of a new cryptocurrency on a leading exchange is a great chance to make money. However, remember that no one can guarantee a hundred percent success. You can increase your chances if you are always up to date and follow the official pages of specialized forums and exchanges. You should also remember to assess the situation in order to see the prospects for various projects.

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