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How Often Should You Replace Your Bedding?

Cleanliness is a hallmark for avoiding disease, sickness, pests, and other transferable conditions. Cleanliness in our sleeping areas is paramount to improving our sleep and health. So, you may want to ask yourself, How Often Should You Replace Your Bedding? when was the last time you changed your bedding sets? Not just wash them but, when did you last buy new bedding? You spend a lot of time sleeping, and unfortunately, your bedding may require an upgrade more often than you think. How Often Should You Replace Your Bedding?

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The Harm of Old 

If you have old bedding, it could affect your health negatively. You spend a lot of time in bed because most humans do. Sleep is a necessity. But when you sleep, things like dead skin cells, drool, sweat, and other human excretions come out of you. Your bedding absorbs this stuff. Now, even if you wash your bedding regularly, there comes a time when enough is enough, and the pillowcase, comforter, or sheets have become a biohazard. This is not a joke. Old bedding can worsen asthma and allergies and even develop new allergies.

Another factor you should consider for your health is your quality of sleep. Do you sleep well at night or feel worn out and tired? Your old bedding can be a factor in your quality of sleeping and thus your overall health. Is your pillow extremely flat? Or, are you often cold at night? What about your sheets? Are they worn out? These bedding items are meant for comfort, but like your clothes, they wear out and become uncomfortable. If you haven’t upgraded your bedding in a while, doing so may drastically improve your sleep and overall health.

A Bedding Replacement Schedule

The thing you should replace most often is your pillow. Pillows that are flat and formless are probably full of gross stuff and highly uncomfortable. Replacing your pillow every one or two years will ensure that you continually have the proper support your neck and back need.

Your comforter does not need to be replaced as often as a pillow. Generally, depending on use, your comforter will last roughly five years. It is always important to look at your comforter after washing to see if it seems soiled or worn. This can be a sign that an upgrade is needed.

Sheets and pillowcases are the following things that need to be replaced. Depending on the quality of the sheets and how often you use them, sheets can last from two to seven years. If you use the same set of sheets year-round, they will wear out much faster, but if you regularly change your sheets and alternate them with the seasons, you can expect your sheets and pillowcases to last much longer.

Maintaining your bedding is an easy way to improve sleep and avoid sickness. If you haven’t upgraded your bedding in quite a while, it may be time to invest in improving your sleeping arrangements. The physical and mental health benefits will significantly outweigh the temporary costs.

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