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How negligence towards health is responsible for developing ED

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What do you think affects the erection of the penis? Is it only related to private organs that can make us vulnerable to Erectile Dysfunction? If you believe this statement then you must be living under the rock or you must have been an ignorant student of biology. Even if you are not a medical expert, if your health influences the glow on your face, how health determines your thinking and creative skills then why health cannot affect some biological processes and develop ED.

The proverb “Health is Wealth” is most relatable in these times than ever before. You can only enjoy your hard-earned wealth if your health supports you. And in today’s times when everyone is in a rat race to achieve their dreams, they leave behind their health. Such people on even fulfilling their ambitions cannot enjoy their fortunes. So, we need to balance our work and health cycle in which none of them gets completely ignored. Before we get to the solution to our problem, we should understand the root cause of Erectile Dysfunction and how health plays a major role.

Which reasons lead to Erectile Dysfunction?

There are various reasons in which one can contract Erectile Dysfunction, sexual health depends on both mental and physical health. Similarly, an alcoholic who is used to drinking excess limits of alcohol is most vulnerable to develop symptoms of ED.

This doesn’t mean that only addictive habits like smoking, drinking, and drug abuse can lead to ED, there are other factors as well such as severe injuries near the penile region that can disturb the blood flow directing to the penis. Another natural cause of ED is old age, yes as our body grows older the tissues become weak, skin hangs over the bones, testosterone production is also lowered. All these factors accumulate to the lessening of the sex drive in you and eventually Erectile Dysfunction. In such cases according to Cenforce 200 Reviews, even pills like Fildena 100 or, Vidalista 60 mg also do not work.

Some of the most common reasons are:

Alcohol: One of the main reasons why youngsters are becoming ED patients is alcohol. In the case of alcohol, certain pre-conceived notions need to be addressed. If you are a seldom consumer of alcohol then it’s okay only those who cross the limits and drink as if it’s the end of the world are vulnerable to develop ED.

Smoking: Smoking results in carbon monoxide, one of the gaseous pollutants to enter our body. On mixing in the bloodstream, it stops the oxygenated blood from reaching the target organs, thus creating a deficiency of blood and oxygen in organs like lungs, penis, liver, etc. This results in a poor supply of blood into the penis during sexual stimulation leading to negligible erection or if somehow the penis gets erected, it doesn’t last long till which it is required to satisfy the urge of a woman or a girl.

Obesity: The negligence towards health on which we were discussing seems to be perfectly relatable with obesity. First of all, we must understand that Obesity is the gateway for all other diseases and ailments. A person with obesity is bound to have more than one co-ailment along with diabetes. The most common such co-diseases are diabetes mellitus (simply diabetes) and Erectile Dysfunction (ED). 

Obesity is caused when the fat content in your body is so high that it affects the performance of other bodily organs. Nowadays the food that we eat is mainly fast food or packed food items that have high sugar content and loads of bad cholesterol. The bad cholesterol blocks the major arteries supplying blood to the organs resulting in the person panting without doing any major physical labor. And the high sugar levels after prolonged exposure to such food items lead to diabetes and the effects of diabetes on the body are known to everybody, from blurred eyesight to heart failure and whatnot.

Mental & Emotional State: Like we earlier discussed the health of a body is measured by observing both the parameters of mental and physical. If someone is depressed or having anxiety attacks then the serotonin levels in such person are very low. Serotonin is the chemical that influences the mood of the person, so when serotonin is low in content the person becomes lethargic, loses interest in sexual pleasure, and remains secluded.

Areas that need our attention

Ever heard terms like Fildena 100, Vidalista 20mg? If yes then it’s high time we realize that ED is no less than tuberculosis or cancer which needs to be treated with equal care and determination and if your answer is no, it’s time to go through Cenforce 150 reviews. ED among aged men is normal which need not be worried about what needs our attention is the spread and rapid increase of ED cases in young men of 25 to 30 years of age. 

This is the age in which the hormones blossom to their full-color men usually in this period indulge in relationships, marriage, and of course sexual interactions. And in this period if a man develops ED, it only affects him but also his partner. A female apart from materialistic needs also wants sexual pleasure from her husband or boyfriend. A complete husband is one who satisfies her till orgasm and simultaneously buying her regular gifts and roses.

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