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How much does proofreading cost in Singapore?

How much does proofreading cost in Singapore?

If you’ve been writing, you are pretty aware that every work should be proofread before giving it to the audience. Although you can do the task yourself, your schedule might be too demanding, making it a hassle. But with the numerous editing services on the internet, you don’t need to worry. Why can’t you hire an expert who will get your work done as per your instructions? Seek professional assistance from professional proofreaders in Singapore for faultless finished work. But how much does the proofreading services cost in Singapore?

Getting redrafting assistance in Singapore expect to spend twelve dollars per one thousand words on average. However, pricing can be confusing as different proofreaders charge differently, and therefore this can vary depending on several factors. Some proofreaders charge by words, others by hours, making the pricing comparisons challenging.

Factors that determine the cost of proofreading services

The quality of the services

Just like when buying an item, the quality of the proofreading services reduces with the cost. If the price is high, then it means you will get quality work. So, if you need something flawless and quality, be sure to pay the proofreader well.Also read:Moving with a transport company: costs & tips

The kind of document you have

The type of document you have will determine the amount to pay. Some proofreaders might charge the constant fee regardless of the paper, while others charge differently as per the nature of the document. For instance, a birthday invitation will have a different cost from a scholarly article and memo.

The paper turns around.

The cost of editing can also differ depending on the paper’s turnaround. In most cases, documents that need a quick turnaround always cost higher than those with a lower turnaround time. Generally, a faster turnaround raises the price. For example, a twenty-dollar project over sixteen business days might cost you up to eight dollars if you want it in five days.

Terms of service of the proofreader

The terms of the proofreader will as well affect the amount to pay; some charge per hour, while others do so per word.

How much does proofreading cost by paying per an hour

Some proofreaders charge per hour, and therefore, their pricing is quite different based on their terms. With a proofreader that charges by hours, you won’t know the cost of the service until the job is complete. This will, therefore, not give you the chance to pick the best value. However, generally, such freelance proofreader singapore can charge around ten to forty-five dollars per hour. In comparison, professional service providers can offer this by-hour service at ninety-five dollars per hour.

How much do the services cost by paying per a word

With this, you can quickly know the amount it will cost you. The costs can vary from two pence to seven cents per word for experienced companies but basing on the above factors.


Any kind of writing needs to go through redrafting. Although most proofreaders offer the services at a higher cost, some can provide the same services within your budget. So, to ensure you get quality output at a budget price in Singapore, consider the above factors that determine the proofreading services cost.

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