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How Much Does It Cost To Professionally Paint A Deck?

If you want to repaint your deck, it is advisable to research the average cost before requesting a quotation from professional painters. How Much Does It Cost To Professionally Paint A Deck? There are many online platforms that offer free painting quotations and best colour scheme for your property like the Surepaint website.

Homeowners can rely on this article to learn the typical costs of paint decks (labor and supplies projections), how to save money when painting decks, How Much Does It Cost To Professionally Paint A Deck? and the price difference between hiring professionals and doing it yourself.

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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Deck?

The cost of painting your deck relies entirely on the square footage covered and the preparation work required to achieve the desired effect. Homeowners experiencing peeling paint or mildew on their deck are likely to face higher costs because power washing will consume extra time and supplies. The cost of painting your deck will also vary depending on whether you intend to hire professional contractors or do it yourself. While hiring professionals usually costs more than committing to performing the work yourself, it saves you time and energy and offers a better result.

Cost of Hiring Professional Paint Contractors By Deck

Professional painting companies offer different rates for their painting and staining services. This article will quote the national average rates and the national average deck size to give you a good idea. Contractors charge per linear square foot because it is easier to estimate labor costs and the amount of material required. They charge an average of $2 to $5 per square foot. You can expect to pay professional contractors between $600 and $2,000 (depending on the rates and size of your deck) for painting or staining your deck.

Comparison of DIY Costs v Professional Contractor’s Cost

While the price may seem high, hiring professional painters is the best way to save money. DIY painters face many costs because they need to buy or hire all the equipment necessary. They also take a lot of time and energy attempting to learn and mimic professional painting techniques. Some homeowners have had to call in professionals to redo their work after they cannot complete the project or when they complete it but do not like the results. Purchasing all the necessary supplies (and renting where possible) usually ranges between $340 and $460. This estimate is for a 400-square-foot deck.

How To Save Money When Hiring Professional Contractors

Even when you hire professional contractors, there are ways to reduce the final quotation. Homeowners need to engage professional paint contractors willing to help them reduce costs wherever possible. You can engage your neighbors for referrals to professional contractors who charge competitive rates and provide excellent services.

Ask the contractors whether they are willing to provide you with a list of supplies you can purchase directly rather than charging you for supplies they already have. This saves money because homeowners are free to hunt for the best deals. Additionally, any supplies leftover belong to the homeowner and can be used for future projects. Weighing in on the supplies used also lets you have a say on the quality of material used. Some contractors do not use the best materials on the market because they do not offer lower-quality materials an attractive profit margin. Where any savings are to be made by compromising the quality of supplies, the money should go back into the property owner’s pocket.

For example, you can save money by opting for a semi-transparent stain instead of a solid stain when staining your deck. When buying paints, you can save money by opting for dented or blemished cans which are usually sold for a few dollars less than those in prime condition. Homeowners with several square feet to cover will save a tidy sum without compromising quality. Paint indented and blemished cans are of the same quality as other cans, even though consumers prefer to purchase the latter.

When looking to repaint your deck, it is usually a better option to hire professionals than undertake the project yourself. Homeowners that have experience painting and have already purchased most of the supplies and equipment required for the job are the only ones likely to spend less money by choosing to do it themselves. If you do not have the equipment, supplies, and skills necessary, it is best to rely on the services of professional painting contractors. Decks that are painted or stained by professionals look better and last longer.

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