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How many people have suffered from Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is causing a disease of COVID-19 in many people. It is spreading very quickly over the world. Firstly it starts in Wuhan that is a city in China. Then it keeps transferring from people to people and almost spreads all over the world. Not a single country is saved from it. Almost all of the countries are the victims of Coronavirus. One of the main reasons that it is spreading at this speed is that it spreads from humans to humans.

What are the tips to follow to stay safe from Coronavirus?

There are many other recourses of the transformation of the virus. This includes objects to humans, animals to humans, import, and export of goods. You have to follow the safety measures to stop its spread. All of the countries take very initial steps to stop its transmission. One of the main reasons for failing these precautions is that people are not following them. Some misconceptions and rumors are causing problems to stop them from spreading.

In the very first months of this pandemic, people take this virus seriously and follow these precautions. Then the virus starts vanishing out, but suddenly some misconceptions about the virus divert people’s focus from the virus. Now people are not taking it seriously, and the number of victims is increasing. You can’t just imagine how many COVID deaths in US happen in just a month. If we compare the death rate and the people who are suffering from the virus, it is crossing all the records in very few months.

In bellow, we will discuss the death rates and the number of people suffering from the Coronavirus in different regions.

Statistics of Coronavirus in the United States:

In the beginning, the spread of Coronavirus was a little slow. But then the rate of the corona cases keeps increasing very quickly. The United States takes very initial steps to stop its spread. But it is spreading very fast. Almost half of the population suffers from the Coronavirus. To understand how many COVID deaths take place, you have to check the statistical graphs of US corona cases. The number of recoveries is greater than the rate of deaths.

But this ratio is less than many other countries. 246,746 deaths happen till November 2020. The total number of COVID-19 victims is 11,249,228, according to the world health organization (WHO). You can also get the daily statistics of Coronavirus from their official website. You can also get information about how many COVID deaths in US occurs till that date.

Statistics of covid in Europe:

Europe is a region of tourist attraction. Many people visit these countries for the purpose of the tour. They spend their vacations there. That is why Europe is one of the regions that have more victims of COVID-19. The number of deaths is almost equal to the rate of how many COVID deaths in US. The number of victims is still increasing in Europe.

The main reason for the spread of COVID there is tourism. Many people, during traveling toward these countries, cause the spread of Coronavirus. According to the world health organization WHO Coronavirus spreads through humans to humans. 279 827 deaths happen till November 2020, and they are still increasing day by day. Almost 11 328 473 cases are under observation there. These figures are almost near to the statistics of the United States. These statistics can be stopped from increasing further if we show some responsibility. Every individual step is essential to stop this virus from spreading more.

Statistics of Coronavirus in South-East Asia:

China is the country from where it all starts. There are many theories according to the start of this virus. But the reality is that it is spreading very quickly and causing deaths in many countries. Asia is one of the regions that have more victims of the COVID-19. If we search for how many COVID deaths in Asia, it is almost near how many COVID deaths in US. This is a very alarming situation. We need to take it seriously.

China, where it starts, is now one of the most successful countries in defeating the Coronavirus. We have to follow the precautions, just like them. So, we can win this battle against Coronavirus by fighting together. We have to play our roles in stopping its spread. The total cases of Coronavirus till November 2020 are 3,689,832. These figures are increasing every minute. We have to stop it from increasing. It can be stopped when we follow the precautionary measures and try to stick to them.

Statistics of COVID in Africa:

Africa is normally a warm region. The number of new cases is increasing a little slower than in other regions. That is a positive aspect of it. But now, when the temperature is decreasing, the number of corona cases is increasing. Now they have to take it seriously and follow the precautionary measure to stop it from spreading. The only thing that can control its spread is social distancing and boosting your immunity. The number of corona cases in Africa is 1,423,575. This rate is increasing very quickly. So, they have to take some serious steps against the virus. They should announce a lockdown to stop its further transmission. Follow the safety measures until the vaccine of Coronavirus is not available.


Coronavirus is causing disease in many countries and regions in the world. In some regions, the number of victims of Coronavirus is less than in the other regions. Coronavirus can spread through human interactions, so it is very necessary to follow safety measures. To find out how many COVID deaths in US happens, you can check the world health organization’s websites.

The WHO updates its website every second. So, it provides the correct and confirms the number of patients in the world. You can get the statistical ratio of different regions and countries on the website of WHO. It also provides you with the basic precautionary measures and the latest news about COVID-19. In many countries, people help out their government in defeating the virus by following all of the safety measures.

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