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How Many Cards In A Deck Of Playing Cards? Learn about it

Ever wondered how many cards in a deck of playing cards while playing a solitaire game? Well, we’ll provide you with an accurate number as well as other fun facts regarding the deck of playing cards.

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Before we move on, you must know that the playing cards are used for many purposes. Particularly used in casino royale, several other areas also make use of these cards. In essence, you will see the mention of these cards for educational purposes, in tarot readers, and much more.

Deck Of Playing Cards

In this post, you will learn the number of cards in a deck. On top of that, we will explain terms and other tidbits of information related to a deck of playing cards.

So how many card are there in a deck?

The Playing cards that we use to play card games follow a standard-52 card pack. In simple terms, there are 52 cards in a deck. Not to mention, these are further divided into suits and ranks so players can easily distinguish between them.


The French deck cards contain four suits: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades. It’s important to know that these suits come in two colors such as red and black. Suits —Clubs and Spades, come in black color while Diamonds and Hearts in red color.

Each suite contains pip cards starting from 2-10 with face cards like Kings, Queens, and Jacks, or jokers with aces. And that makes 13 cards in each suit.

Since there is no 1 in any of the four suits, the Ace card has the highest rank in some games.

Keep in mind that various players don’t even use the jack as a card. However, when you combine 2 cards of jack in a deck, you get 54 cards in total.

Different Cards in A Deck and Their Total Number

A set or a deck of playing cards must have 52 cards. However, you might also be interested to find out the total number of different cards like aces, queens, kings, and jacks.

Number of Ace cards in a deck cards

There are four ace cards in a deck of cards. You can easily retain this as there are four suits and each suit contains one ace card. For example, 4*1=4 and that’s quite simple, right?

Number of face cards in a deck cards

Commonly known as kings, queens, and jacks, there are twelve face cards in a deck. And, it’s easy to remember because again each deck of playing cards contains four suits with each face card. For example, 4*4= 12 cards in total.

Number of kings in a cards in deck

By now, we know the total number of the suit, that is four. And, each suit contains at least a king. For example, 4*1=4other tidbits and that’s 4 kings in a deck of cards.

Number of queens in a deck of cards

Similarly, there is the same number of queens as there are kings in a deck of cards. And, that makes 4 kings in a deck of cards.

Number of jacks in cards

You will find 4 jacks in a deck of cards if you’re playing standard-52 cards in a game. However, in some games, there are 2 or even 4 jacks in a deck of cards.

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