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How is the president elected in the USA? Condition and Method of Election

Almost four years later, the vote for president of the USA takes place. They take place on the very first Tuesday of each month of November. But how is the president elected in the USA?

What are the conditions to become the leader of the USA?

The Conditions of the United States Constitution for a presidential contender are:

  • A United States perfect-born citizen.
  • 14 years of residence in the United States.
  • 35 years of age, at least.

A person born with U.S citizens is a naturalized citizen. This includes every infant raised “in” the United States. Many people don’t know “how is the president elected”. If you are also one of these people, then read this article till end.

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The US administration’s Method of Election

Public don’t elect the president and vice of the USA. Instead, through a mechanism named the “Electoral College,” “electors” select them.

Stage 1: Primaries as well as Caucuses (polls at the city level in states):

  • There could be many individuals who aspire to be the president of the USA.
  • Each one of these individuals may well have suggestions over their own on how the US state should operate. So, people with common views associate themselves with much the same major organization. Although first, we ought to earn their community members’ favor.
  • All throughout the nation, candidates within each political party initiative to reach the finals the massive favor of their members of the party.
  • The mechanisms which political groups use to pick general election members are primaries, as well as caucuses.
  • Primary: A primary is an election at the state level whereby members of the party vote for the best candidate. It will reflect them in the general vote. In a general vote, party candidates chosen in the primary subsequently run against one another. 34 U.S. states carry out the Primary elections.
  • Throughout the U.S. system, there are also many primary forms. These include Closed primary, Semi-closed primary, and Open primary.
  • Caucus: A caucus is a local gathering. In this gathering enrolled members of a political group assemble to vote towards their favorite party’s nominee in a city. It includes town or region, and it also perform other group business. So, to choose representatives to the regional party convention, a caucus is a replacement for a primary vote. To decide political party members, 16 parties hold caucuses.

So, this is the first stage which help you in knowing “how is the president elected”.


Stage 2: Every Party’s National Conventions:

They held a national convention after the primaries or caucuses which happen within each state. So, in this they officially reveal the nomination of a party for the presidency in front of public. The electoral votes vote for their party for a party nominee during the conference. The nominee with some of the most delegates obtains the nomination of the party. The conclusion of the convention signals the start of the period of general elections.

how is the president elected

To finalize the choice of one presidential candidate, that party controls a national convention. The nominee for president selects a trying to run mate (vice-presidential nominee) at every convention.

Stage 3: General campaigning for elections:

The general election campaign starts after a single candidate. It starts through primaries, caucuses, or annual meetings. Each political party select them.

Such candidates tour the world, presenting to the general population the thoughts and strategies and seeking to attract the confidence of potential voters. A major part of democratic primary campaigning is marches, interviews, and ads. This is helpful for step for knowing “how is the president elected”.

Stage 4: (Popular Vote) General Election

  • Normally, in November
  • Numerous modern voters may get a shock when they learn that they will be planning on voting for fellow Americans named voters. Whenever they walk into a voting box to pick their candidate for the presidency.
  • People are voting for one presidency or one vice president throughout every state throughout the world. They simply vote for a group of individuals which identify as electors, whenever people vote their conscience.
  • In such a presidential election, the electors of each territory, as well as the District of Columbia, elect for representatives to be the authorized constitutional representatives.
  • These electors establish The Electoral College.
  • A nominee of the Electoral College seems to be an elector. These electors, chosen by the legislatures, commit to support the presidential nominee that the electors have endorsed.
  • Even if a candidate gets votes by most people in the USA, that does not mean whether he/she would secure the presidential election. Most of the times, the person who get more votes lose the election.
  • A nominee needs to receive over 270 number of electoral votes to secure the election.

This stage also helps you in knowing “how is the president elected”.

Step 5: College of Elections (Electors end up voting for the President of the United States)

  • Normally, in December.
  • The Electoral College is the object which choose the President of the United States.
  • The Constitutional only specifies that the nominee in the Electoral College that earns a majority of the votes determines the president. That doesn’t say much about the popular vote.
  • The framers’ purpose was to channel public opinion into a body comprised of smarter, more seasoned individuals.
  • The founders didn’t really want the citizens to directly choose the president.
  • Depending on the total number of members of each nation in Congress, that government takes a certain number of electoral votes.
  • Each one of the 50 states of the United States, as well as the capital of Washington DC, has a fixed number of electors representing their size. California is the most populous (upwards of 38 million individuals) and also has more than almost any other Electoral College vote of 55. On the other hand, there are only three voters in a state like Montana, which would be geographically broad but has a comparatively small populace (just over a million individuals).
  • Apart from Maine or Nebraska, when a nominee wins the popular vote in a territory, they will realize the largest allocation of Electoral College votes from that territory.
  • Given the usual election, almost every elector conducts one electoral vote.
  • There have been 538 electoral votes in total.
  • The Person win the election who gets more than the half (270).

This is the last stage for knowing “how is the president elected”.



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