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How is Oakland, California to Live in?

The beautiful city of Oakland is situated in the east of San Francisco, and is considered the largest city in the East Bay region. The city is an ideal choice for businesses and has drastically improved housing and infrastructure over the last few years. 

So, is Oakland an ideal city? How is Oakland, California to live in? The city might be an ideal location for many young entrepreneurs and businessmen as it offers a wide range of opportunities for people to make a fortune. However, even though most of the neighborhoods are friendly, there are a few parts where are the crime rates may be an alarm.

In this blog post, you’ll know all the necessary information about how the city is to live and settle down.

How is Oakland, California to Live in?

In this section, our experts have focused on the key factors regarding this city and what things you may love and dislike about living here. 

1. Soothing Weather

Oakland has year-round soothing weather with plenty of sunshine and mild humidity. Summers are hot and dry, while winters are chilly and damp. The city may get busy from May till October as the weather is the best of all during these months! 

From June to October, the winters give the chills with an average temperature of 15 to 6 degrees Celcius. Moreover, as the temperature never goes below the freezing point, you won’t need to face issues with heavy snowfalls. 

Therefore, if you plan to move to a city where you can get the best out of the weather, then Oakland may be an ideal city for you. So, if you need any moving help to Oakland, you can always consult with authentic service providers to let you know all the essential information. 

2. The Perfect City for Gourmets 

Oakland is drastically becoming the city of gourmets. Oakland has quickly taken the name of becoming a famous and well-known city with unique and different kinds of food and cuisines.

Residents can also grab fresh food from farmer’s markets, where all the items are fresh and of the best quality. Moreover, there are diverse restaurants and eateries to enjoy different kinds of food with outstanding qualities.

You can also experience the foods of different cultures, which can give you a diverse taste regarding the food types and flavors. In short, you would simply love the overall “food adventure” in this city.

3. There are Many Other Attractions

Just like diverse food options, Oakland also has diverse cultures. The city also offers different festivals, events, and places, including dance, concerts, walking trails, museums, shopping districts, greeneries, and many more. In short, you simply won’t feel bored while being in this city. 

Here are a few local favorites that you may love: 

  • Jack London Square: It’s a historic neighborhood jam-packed with shopping areas and trendy dining. You’ll even have a farmer’s market hosted on Sundays. 
  • Lake Merritt: An excellent place to bring your family for an outing. The lake offers green areas, picnic spots, and a huge space for jogging, biking, or even hiking. 
  • Redwood Regional Park: If you want to spend a wonderful day hiking, then this regional park can be an amazing option. Here, the trees can reach over 150 feet and can also be an ideal place for a picnic and overnight camping. 

These are only a few of the best attractions for residents. However, there are more than you can explore and enjoy to give your living a better standard. 

4. Excellent Transportation

 One of the best parts of living in Oakland is how easy it is to move about. Yes, traffics here might be frustrating, but if you look on the bright side, the city offers a wide range of public transportation that makes the transit pretty easy and simple. 

Moreover, getting around town has never been more accessible with such outstanding and reliable transit offered to all citizens. Rather than fighting traffic on the highway, you can take the bus, BART, or ferry. Using public transportation also helps the environment by lowering the carbon impacts.

5. Crime Rates Might be an Issue

Unfortunately, the city has an increase in crime rates. However, not the entire city. There are a few neighborhoods that may not be friendly. So, you must take moving help from reputed service providers and agencies before you choose your neighborhood. 

According to the crime rates and stats, below are some of the neighborhoods that are listed for most criminal acts: 

  • Eastmont
  • Webster
  • Acorn-Acorn
  • Hoover-Foster

These are the neighborhoods that you should avoid. Apart from these mentions, there are many friendly neighborhoods that you can choose and safely settle down with your family.


1. Is Oakland affordable to live in?

The city may be a bit expensive as the overall cost of living is 49% higher than the nation’s overall average. However, there are also neighborhoods that are affordable to live in. To get a better idea about the housing and living expenses, you can always take moving help from reputed service providers and agencies

2. Which city is better, San Francisco or Oakland? 

Oakland is far better than San Francisco for many reasons. Oakland offers an abundance of greeneries and parks for you to enjoy nature, but that’s not how it is for San Francisco. Moreover, the people in Oakland are very friendly, interesting, and genuine. That’s another important reason that makes Oakland your better choice to settle. 

3. Which areas or neighborhoods are the safest in Oakland? 

There are many safe neighborhoods that you can choose from, and some of them are also very affordable. Here are some of the safest neighborhoods in Oakland: 

  • Cleveland Heights
  • Bushrod
  • Redwood Heights
  • Grand Lake
  • Temescal

These are some of the neighborhoods that are listed as the safest areas to settle in Oakland. Most people are friendly and welcoming, which will make you feel safe and comfortable.

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