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How ED spoils a married life slowly and steadily

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What comes into your mind when you hear the word ED? There are still some people left on the planet that misinterpret ED for Enforcement Directorate, the investigating agency. For god’s sake, we are not talking about any such agency, in this article, we will be focussing our attention on Erectile Dysfunction which is also known as ED. There are various reasons why one can get into the trap of ED, it may be your lifestyle, eating and drinking habits, any major injuries in the region concerning reproductive parts, due to old age and many others. Take Cenforce, Vidalista, Fildena for a recovery out of the same.

Any of the above-mentioned reasons are more than enough to make your penis only useful in urination. Before getting into the detail of how your married life is affected in a negative sense due to Erectile Dysfunction, we should first understand what changes in a human body during ED. This will help us understand the matter clearly and with much ease.

How can you get ED?

Well, no one has the one answer to this question because there are multiple options and each of them is correct. In the case of ED, the question is single but the answer is multiple choice.

Smoking–One of the biggest contributors to Erectile Dysfunction smoking can only affect you negatively, this habit has no positive side to it. On smoking carbon monoxide and other various gaseous harmful chemicals enter your body which stops the oxygenated blood from reaching various organs that desperately need it. The penis is devoid of any blood even during sexual stimulation which leads to a negligible erection.

Alcohol–Drinking alcohol is daily misunderstood by people of all fraternity. Drinking alcohol in small quantities is, in fact, helpful for the body, it lowers down the stress levels which reduces the activity in the nervous system, thus allowing you to sleep in total rest. The problem begins when you drink alcohol by breaking the limits, higher levels of alcohol in the body damage the neurovascular system, which affects several biological processes in the body like secretion of hormones, enzymes. The organs do not respond to the brain and the brain starts losing control over the organs.

In such a situation if someone gets sexually aroused or stimulated then, no blood flows into the penis as the communication between the organs and nervous system has been damaged. A person who suffers from an addiction to intoxicants like alcohol or tobacco-based products has higher chances of formulating erectile dysfunction in the body. This is one of the facts that not many men are aware of and this is why practices of such kind over a considerable and expensive period are causing men to develop such kind of anomalies in the body.

Medical injuries–Not only addictive habits can lead you to ED but unfortunately, if you have been a victim of an accident where the blood vessels of the penile region were damaged, then your blood flow directed into the penis may be reduced.

Injuries in such areas are extremely dangerous in some cases doctors after treatment or surgery help in the total recovery of the patient. Or in some cases, if the damage is severe it can also cause permanent Erectile Dysfunction where not even pills like Cenforce 100, Vidalista, Fildena reviews from Arrowmeds will not work.

Mental State–It is common sense and not any rocket science to understand the overview of mental state playing a role in Erectile Dysfunction. A person suffering from depression, anxiety, isolation will never be able to gain the sexual stimulation needed for the erection of the penis.

From the biological perspective in times of depression or isolation, the serotonin levels in the brain are way below the normal level. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, in simple words a chemical released from the hypothalamus that determines your overall mood of the day. Lower levels of serotonin make you feel alone, deserted, unhappy, you blame yourself for all the misfortunes happening to you. When the levels are higher you feel cheerful, blissful and on the top of the world, and in cheerful conditions only you tend to get sexually attracted towards someone else.

There is ready sort of factors that are responsible for the band to suffer from the worst kind of disorders that exist in today’s world and one of the key factors behind this is stress obviously as mentioned before. Stressing from work is causing a man to suffer from erectile dysfunction and also causing him to suffer from any kind of terrible elements.

How does ED affect one’s married life?

You must be wondering does sexual pleasure matters in a relationship that has to last till lifetime? Is marriage only about sex and all such stuff? A successful married life is a two-person game, each one of them has to fulfil each one’s demand and desires. Here comes the catch, the desires in married life are not only materialistic like big house, property, expensive clothes, jewellery, parties and all. When we talk about desires it also includes the sexual desires, wants and fantasies of your partner that also needs to be looked at with the same will to fulfil like you try all your best to gift her something expensive on valentine’s day.

The female in the relationship also has her share of intimate desires which she thought that you would fulfil after marriage. But due to some reasons, you disappoint her at the time of copulation which sows the seeds of frustration, anger and disapproval that will grow into the plant of separation. We must understand that at this age after marriage every boy and girl think of losing virginity, his/her hormones are in full swing at this age which excites her now and then. In such conditions, if you couldn’t do what she wanted the sexual desires tempts her to look for some other option other than you.

If you want to avoid such incidents in your future better maintain a healthy lifestyle by getting away with all the addictions. And if you are a victim of ED and want to have that erect penis again to make your wife feel orgasm try Cenforce, Vidalista and Fildena.

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