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How does ITIL certification help in career?

IT is the skeletal framework of any business today. How does ITIL certification help in career? Any lapse or silos in the service delivery or management of IT can cause damage to a business and affect its reputation. Therefore, it becomes necessary to focus on the processes and policies implemented in IT service management. How does ITIL certification help in career?

The ITSM (IT Service Management) is a framework of guidelines for implementing across the IT lifecycle and providing customer service. How does ITIL certification help in career? It incorporates techniques for the identification, creation, delivery and management of information technology services. 

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ITIL certification training or the ITIL course imparts knowledge about IT infrastructure and service management. With IT being the backbone of small and big businesses and many companies providing these services as their main line of operations, it becomes necessary to understand IT services provided by a company. A Certification can help learn about the service management processes and is particularly useful for all IT professionals to further their careers. ITIL certified practitioners can showcase their knowledge and competence for continuous improvement in service management and improve their career prospects.

What is an ITIL Certification

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) certification is an endorsement of education in management best practices. The learning path includes the implementation of processes, service management terminology and methods in organizations. 

The ITIL framework teaches best practices required for IT practitioners across the Information Technology Service Life Cycle. Mastering the ITIL concepts helps the professional strengthen the strategy used in the processes, procedures, tasks, and checklists along the lifecycle.   

ITIL has its foundations in the concept of continuous improvement of the PDCA (Plan. Do. Check. Act) cycle in process management. The ITIL certification process aligns with the ISO/IEC 20000- International Service Management Standard for IT service management administered by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). However, the certification is independent of any country even though it originated in the U.K. The ITIL concept thus incorporates international standards and principles of service management.

What are the certification levels available?

ITIL offers five different certification levels:

  • Foundational
  • Practitioner
  • Intermediate (Service Lifecycle and Service Capability categories)
  • Expert
  • Master

Courses are available for each certification, with higher-level certifications progressively increasing your level of competency. ITIL courses help you understand the service management framework and prepare for ITIL certification.

How does ITIL certification help you in your career?

Today, IT is a mission-critical service delivery mechanism for companies as they rely on computing and the cloud to maintain their businesses and generate revenue. ITIL knowledge helps companies describe and operationalize a documented, recurring process that pays attention to important details along the IT service management lifecycle and facilitates the roll-out of new IT services.

As an applicant for the ITIL certification, you can future-proof your career in the IT industry with one or all of the five certification levels under your belt. The courses and certification enable you to be at your productive best, performing for the betterment and growth of your organization. Any organization would place value on your ITIL certifications and skills accrued thereon.

The ITIL framework of best practices serves as a guideline for organizations to implement and customize to their requirements. It helps ensure the consistency and predictability of the service delivery mechanism across the various units of an organization.

Ten ways the ITIL certification path helps you in your career:

1. Adds value to your resume

As an experienced IT professional, an ITIL certification will enhance your resume by displaying your knowledge base and skillsets in IT service management. Hirers in the IT industry value candidates and IT practitioners with ITIL certification/s on the resume.

2. Facilitates a hike in salaries

An almost immediate outcome of becoming ITIL certified is a hike in salaries. According to PayScale, ITIL certified professionals net an average of Rs. 9,96,199 per annum in India. The higher the certification level, the better is the salary boost and chances of getting higher and better paying job opportunities. ITIL certified managers are known to earn lucrative salaries.

3. Future-proofs your career

ITIL has become part of enterprise IT. The certification systems are thus keeping pace with the emerging needs of the industry and changing development styles. With the demand for trained and certified ITIL increasing, an ITIL certification is one of the best ways to future-proof your career. The skills gained empower you with a choice of roles within the organization with well-paid opportunities.

4. Gives you a globally recognized qualification

ITIL certification sets a baseline for your service management skills, as ITIL is based on a globally recognized set of service management principles. Leading companies in the global space will value your ITIL certification, more so as ITIL teaches you the standard language and processes used internationally.

5. Help you work smarter 

As an IT professional, you must be keen to work smartly to exhibit your skills. The certification enables you to demonstrate your knowledge and IT strategies for the growth of your organization.

6. Enhances teamwork spirit

ITIL certification is based on the group learning method and establishes the foundations for collaboration and teamwork. You learn to work in a team and become better and effective IT managers in your field of work.

7. Helps you lead in IT strategy

The ITIL course caters to managers at all levels involved in shaping service strategy. It instills confidence and leadership and teaches you how to strategically align IT with business goals. Certifications produce service managers who lead in IT strategy with confidence.

8. Boosts your career

ITIL certifications help you become a globally recognized expert in IT service management. Your knowledge and skills are valued. You get better salaries and positions. Besides, you also get to work on high-value projects that pave the way for career growth.

9. Develop high levels of competency

With the five levels of certification displaying varying degrees of specialization, you benefit from each of the certifications.

After the Foundational Certification, you gain the essential knowledge of service management, and the various concepts implemented along the ITIL service lifecycle.

The Practitioner Certification teaches you when to apply the ITIL framework and in which circumstances?

The Intermediate Certification has various modules to choose from that give you expertise in service lifecycle for and industry-wide experience.

The Expert Level Certification helps you get placed in high positions and establishes you as an expert in the ITSM framework.

As an IT professional considering the ITIL certification path, the five levels of ITIL certification help you develop high levels of competency and expertise.

10. Makes you a contributor to your organization’s growth

ITIL certifications improve your competence and capacity to match enterprise IT with company goals and customer expectations. Processes become more cost-efficient, and resources are used efficiently, enabling a higher ROI for company growth. As a subject expert, your contribution to the success of your organization gives you job satisfaction, and you stand better chances of being rewarded.   


ITIL certifications demonstrate that certified professionals educated in ITSM best practices can help align IT with business objectives to save time and resources and avert costly rework.

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