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How Does An RV Fireplace Compare With A Wood Stove?

You could wish to consider an RV fireplace or woodstove if you are looking for an update on the winter RV and want to keep it warmer.

In this post, we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of installing an RV fireplace versus installing a wood stove in your RV. Which is the ideal option for your RV upgrade? That depends. Let’s have every choice look. Let’s have a glance.

Overall, the advantages of both options are:

  • Attractive on the outside, but not on the inside
  • Enhances the ambiance
  • Warms up the inside of your vehicle.

RV fireplace

Setting up an RV fireplace on your deck can increase room to warm the interior, which cannot be otherwise recreated. Another benefit is that in cold weather an RV fireplace can warm your car. An RV fireplace can take the cold out of the air instead of an electric space heater.

RV fireplace benefits.

Let’s look at the benefits of RV fireplace installation:

  • Installation is less difficult than with a standard wood stove. Installation methods are normally two simples: independent and mountable. In your motorcycle, you can easily create a fireplace.
  • The fireplaces are suitable for existing or vacant rooms.
  • Normally, no venting or extra clearance is necessary. It’s truly plug-and-play!
  • If heating is not the primary purpose, a fireplace might be installed for aesthetics and to create a lovely ambient ambiance.
  • There is no upkeep! Because these fireplaces are electric, the upkeep of a normal wood stove is not necessary.

Cons of an RV fireplace

Let’s see an RV fireplace’s disadvantage:

  • It must be positioned near an electric outlet, else an extension cord must be run.
  • Internals may become toxic. To blow off or vacuum your powder, you may need to unscrew components of your RV fireplace.
  • Not like a portable electric heater can be transported anyplace.
  • Makes storage space available when placed in a case.

What is the caravan’s finest fireplace?

You might consider installing two different types of RV fireplace: independent and mountable.

The standalone fireplace is available in the turbo suburb.. This item appears like an electric wood stove. You may use this fireplace with or without heat.

It supplies electricity between 110-120V and 1400 watts. It is fuel-efficient at 4,777 BTUs and is large enough to heat 400 cubic feet.

This chimney has a depth of 6.5 inches, however, it should suffice for most RV cupboards, it’s for RVs! The fact that this chimney can heat up to 500 square feet is another fantastic feature.



The fragrance of a wood stove is no better. So why not bring your RV with this calming aroma? A wood stove adds comfort and atmosphere to the fireplace, adding comfort and atmosphere by 100! Regrettably, it is not that easy to upgrade your RV with a wood stove.

Wood fireplace benefits

Let’s consider the benefits of installing the RV fireplace:

  • Save savings on energy costs.
  • In a wood stove, there is no electricity.
  • It supplies dry heat that reduces the risk of condensation.
  • See our suggestions on how to decrease the condensation of your RV when you know nothing about condensation.
  • On your wood-burning stove, you may cook and heat your RV.

Cons of a wood stove

Let’s take a look at the RV fireplace drawbacks.

  • Constant devotion and attention to the burning of fire.
  • Maintaining clean and avoiding burning the wood-burning stove requires a lot of upkeep.
  • Carbon Danger Monoxide.
  • You may be able to cancel your coverage.
  • The platform must be blown away. So you have to drill a hole in your RV’s ceiling or wall to remove the fireplace.

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