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How Do You Know It’s Time to Get a Divorce?

Sometimes, the signs that it’s time for a divorce may be there – you just don’t realize it. How Do You Know It’s Time to Get a Divorce? You may be putting in lots of work to salvage your marriage, but it seems like nothing you do works. In fact, things only seem to get worse. 

Divorce rates are dropping, but this does not mean it’s not happening anymore. How Do You Know It’s Time to Get a Divorce? Should you try to save whatever is left of your marriage – or should you just put an end to it so that the both of you can go on with your lives? Sometimes, a clean break is what is needed. Here are the signs that tell you that.

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  • You Never Even Argue Anymore

As strange as it may seem, a couple that cares about each other may argue. It’s a sign that they still want to communicate somehow – to fix what it is that they have. If you are no longer arguing, it means that you cannot even be bothered anymore. 

When you fight, you fight for your relationship, for your love. However, when there is no longer any fight left in either of you, it means that something has gone missing in your relationship.

  • There’s No Longer Any Intimacy

Sure, couples that are fighting may no longer feel intimate with one another, but eventually, that should stop. It’s not even about sex anymore, but about the occasional hug here and there, a kiss on the forehead – everything that shows your partner still cares about you.

Studies show that lack of intimacy is one of the most common reasons for getting a divorce. When you are going around your house and your partner feels like a roommate you barely talk to or have no intention of truly getting involved with, it might be the time to move on. 

  • You Don’t Want the Same Thing

Many couples get married on the spur of the moment. For instance, you may have gone on a romantic trip with your significant other to Vegas, and simply thought “why not?” You are avoiding a big, troublesome wedding and tying the knot – so what could go wrong? Plus, Vegas is a fun wedding destination, so you solve many problems.

The issue is that many of the couples marrying this way in Vegas, do so without thinking about the future. They never talk about whether they want kids or not, or whether they can accommodate each other’s careers or not. Almost every Las Vegas family law attorney recommends that if you married this way and reached that point, you should consider terminating your marriage before you both regret it. 

  • Your Heart Is Always Racing

By this, we don’t mean the butterflies in your stomach associated with love, causing your heart rate to grow out of excitement. We’re talking about full-on anxiety that causes your heart rate to spike just because you see your spouse walking into a room.

When your body has such a negative reaction to seeing your supposed significant other, you should take it as a sign that it’s time to go. Your brain may be lying to you that everything is fine, but your body will be telling you the exact truth.

  • There Have Been Instances of Abuse

Around 25%-40% of the women filing for a divorce do so because they have been a victim of domestic abuse. Regardless of how rare those moments are, domestic abuse is a great red flag that should never be ignored. 

The first slap is rarely the last one. Once domestic abuse starts, it will likely continue. The spouse’s temper will grow bigger, and the abuse will become even stronger. This is why you should get out of the marriage before it’s too late.

  • Nothing You Do Seems to Work

Have you tried to fix your marriage before? Perhaps you tried discussing openly or tried going to therapy together. You gave it your all to save your marriage, but it seems like no matter what you do, you hit a standstill.

If you’ve exhausted every possibility of saving your marriage and still cannot seem to make it work, then it might just be time to simply let it go. Otherwise, all this marriage will do is continue draining you.

The Bottom Line By Divorce

Usually, when the time comes for a divorce, you will probably know. Your heart will go out of its denial and you will see things for how they are. You tried, but it’s not working anymore. As sad as it may seem, all that is left for you to do is call your attorney.

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