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How Can You Find the Best DUI Defense Lawyer?

There are hundreds of DUIs happening every day all over the world. Even though we are told not to drive under influence, How Can You Find the Best DUI Defense Lawyer? there are some that still do it. It is no laughing matter, that’s for sure, and a DUI lawsuit can be extremely stressful for anyone facing it, that’s why it is very important to find the DUI lawyer that best fits you. Here’s how.

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Make a List

Whenever you are charged with a DUI, How Can You Find the Best DUI Defense Lawyer? it is very important to make a list of possible lawyers before you go with your final choice. The ones that you add to your list can be recommended by friends or attorneys that you used in the past. 

You can also look for some online, as we live in the era of technology and there are specialized websites, such as The National College of DUI Defense. Once you have your list, you must meet with all of them and decide which one is the best for your case.

The Lawyer’s Qualifications

It is very important to take into consideration every attorney’s experience, as that can be crucial for your case. Each attorney has a different qualification, which is why it is better to choose the one that is the right fit for you. 

Mostly, you should look for licensed attorneys, whether they are local or out of state. Their ethical record is also important. Be on the watch for the ones that have been disbarred, as that is a big no-no. 

You should also check the attorney’s background, their LinkedIn profile, or where he/she went to law school. And ultimately, hire a lawyer with DUI training and experience. 

Now that you have eliminated the ones that are not qualified enough, you should know that many of them offer a free face-to-face consultation to discuss the case.

Face-to-Face Meeting

Your list should now look much smaller, and you most likely narrowed it down to a few possible choices. The next step would be to have a face-to-face meeting to discuss the details of the case. 

When you go to these meetings, you should be extremely well prepared. You should be upfront with him/her since trust marks a very important aspect between an attorney and his client. Bring all your DUI documents with you and talk about the lawyer’s experience. 

It’s also good to ask about the legal team that will handle your case and come up with a clear strategy of how everything will go. Lastly, don’t leave your pen and/or paper at home, nor your confidence or trust. 


At this point, you should be almost certain about your final choice, but there is another thing that you should also take into consideration and that is the attorney’s fees.  You must afford the said lawyer. 

Normally, the prices differ because of factors like experience, reputation, or abilities but it is very important to know the fees upfront. You can also try and negotiate them, as well as compare them to the other attorneys on the list. 

Ask about the payment plan and what is included in the fees, as well as if there are any additional legal fees. Lastly, look out for emergency fees, as they are not allowed in criminal cases. Always try and make sure that you can afford the said attorney.

Final Choice

After you’ve taken into consideration all of the above steps, all that’s left to do is to make your final decision. There are a couple of more things to take into consideration here. The perfect DUI attorney should be a mix of experience, trust, and correct fees for you. 

Keep in mind that you mustn’t go with the cheapest one, or the most expensive one. Also, the expertise should speak for you, as well as how much you trust the person. As a last resort, communication is key. You must communicate effectively with your lawyer. They must be honest with you (and the vice-versa is also applicable) and must keep in touch with you every step of the way.

The Bottom Line

DUI lawsuits were never easy to go through, nor was choosing a lawyer. The most important thing is to find the best fit for you and make sure that it will help you win the case. They must represent you to the best of their abilities. Most importantly, never try and represent yourself, as no good thing ever came from self-representation. Leave this in the hands of the pros.

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