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How are online games able to pump your brain?

Is it possible to pump your own brain by playing video and online games? Distrustful people will answer that this is impossible and advise you to start living your reality. However, How are online games able to pump your brain? there are a sufficient number of such people around the world, everyone has their own opinion on this matter, How are online games able to pump your brain? and few people listen to professionals. However, they are (professionals) just clearly sure that online games, and especially best casino bonuses UK are really able to improve a large number of useful life skills.

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Learn more about the benefits of online games.

Many people often think that children and teenagers are considered the main and target audience of online games, How are online games able to pump your brain? but this is the biggest misconception in this industry. According to statistics for the end of 2021-the beginning of 2022, players aged 18 and younger made up less than a third of the gaming association.

The fact that online games have only a detrimental effect on a person is also a huge misconception. The specific effect depends not only on the genre, but also on human perception in general. According to a number of studies conducted, some online games are more useful than others. From the point of view that they develop more valuable skills if we analyze their practical application.

What to play?

Each person will answer this question in his own way. Not so long ago, studies were conducted, during which the genre preferences of different participants were compared with individual personality types according to this model:

  • Openness to new experiences (this is intelligence);
  • Conscientiousness (decency);
  • Extraversion;
  • Benevolence;

As it turned out, openness to new sensations (experience) is a preference by players for online games with elements of excitement, interest and models with the achievement of victories (games such as casino without Swedish license and adventure quests, for example). Conscientious players preferred sports simulators and races, while extroverts preferred team games.

Let’s assume that the choice is made by a person. The game has begun. What can she give but pleasure? Let’s look at the three most popular genres of online games and their positive impact in more detail.

Genres of online brain-pumping games.


Strategy is one of the most famous genres of games, capable of developing several useful skills at once:

  1. Logical (technical) thinking;
  2. Help to cultivate organizational skills;
  3. Establish time management;
  4. Speed up the decision-making process;
  5. Develop stress resistance.

In the conducted studies, in order to better train these skills (they are called cognitive), online games such as real-time strategies are given, when all participants must act simultaneously, and not alternately.

Another interesting fact: the authors of this study found that teenagers and students who use similar practices with online games had better test results for mindfulness and reaction speed. And that’s not all! It was also revealed that such students often had academic success, thanks to the difficult practices of electronic battles.

Role-playing games

Role–playing games are a wonderful tool for immediate self-development. First of all, this is due to the fact that such games often contain many tasks at once. This means that they imply constant (continuous) interaction of players with each other. As a result , the following skills are developed:

  1. Sociability;
  2. The ability to make qualitative judgments;
  3. The ability to make decisions;
  4. Development of organizational skills;
  5. Coordination of actions aimed at interacting with other people.


Arcade games are a genre that includes a large number of other genres, but smaller. In general, this is a series of games with short sessions and an intensive process of human interaction with what is happening. 

Due to the mass character and great popularity of such games, they were used as an object for study most often. So what positive development can they contribute to? For example:

  1. Develop and improve the speed of thought processes;
  2. Develop and improve the process of making quick decisions;
  3. Develop spatial perception;
  4. Develop time management;
  5. Tighten your sense of purpose.

These studies prove that even the simplest of online arcade games can activate a number of important skills, such as logical thinking, imagination and short-term memory. For example, non gamstop casino will contribute to the rapid adoption of the right decisions, will perfectly help to develop time management, will root in a person a zeal for victory and will certainly have a positive impact on thought processes in general. It is also a great way to develop so-called “soft skills” such as:

  1. Emotional intelligence;
  2. Empathy;
  3. The ability to solve various acute problems.


Based on my experience, I can say that I have tried myself in all popular game genres more than once. Online games really help in the development of the brain, this is a great option for pumping without serious difficulties. You don’t feel the work on yourself, but just give yourself to the process. Most of all, role-playing games and arcade games, live casino not on gamstop, were able to captivate you.

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