Homeschool vs Public School: A Comparative Guide

The decision of whether to homeschool your children or send them to public school can be a dastardly one. There are many benefits to each, but the disadvantages of each are equally matched by the good things.

It’s a very hard predicament. It’s a decision that has to be made one way or another, though. We’re going to go over some of the homeschool vs public school dilemmas in this article, giving you some things to think about.

Hopefully, the ideas below can stir up your imagination and help you come to a decision. Let’s take a look.

The Homeschool vs Public School Dilemma

The first thing to consider in the decision-making process is the quality of education that your children will receive.

Do you think that you’re a compelling enough teacher to educate your children? Do you have the time and energy to understand the subject matter to a degree that would make you able to teach it well?

One advantage of public schools is the fact that the teachers tend to be experts in their field. So, while you might be able to cover all of the bases at home, you might be outmatched by the abilities of a number of teachers at public schools.

That said, the curriculum might be very limited to do the fact that teachers have to divide their time among students. You’re one-on-one with your child and might be able to send them farther than a teacher would.

Social Setting and Benefits

It’s hard to argue with the idea that there’s some benefit to having your children in an environment where they can socialize with peers. There might be some challenges to face if they never attend school with other students or have the ability to make new friends. If you’re considering homeschool, you can take a look at these tips for homeschoolers to explore ways to stay social.

That said, public school can lead children into some dark places. Bad influences can direct kids into bad behavior, drugs, alcohol, and more. That isn’t always the case, though, considering that most kids can pretty well choose their path when they’re in school.

One bad kid who offers drugs isn’t always going to be persuasive enough for your child to derail their life in an instant. Further, a momentary lapse of judgment isn’t going to send your child into a drug binge.

There’s something to be said about making a mistake and learning from it. Different families have their own sets of values, though, and the messages of public school might not agree with your value set.

So, the decision remains difficult. The benefits of social life are hard to match in homeschool, but homeschool offers a personal touch that adjusts education to your way of life.

Want to Learn More about Different Types of Schools?

The decision of homeschool vs public school can seem too tough to make at certain points. Note that it’s okay to start in one version of school then shift toward the other over time.

Your child’s education doesn’t have to be uniform or dictated by the norms of society. Feel free to explore your options, and visit our site for more articles like this.

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