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Higher Education Versus Working Experience: What You Should Opt For?

Are you confused regarding your career choice? Higher education or Experience? Which one will be better for you? Here, you need to keep things clear in mind: what type of career you want, a flourishing career or a slow track career where you have to wait for a promotion for a long time.

I want to remind you that the competition is intense and the number of quality candidates is increasing rapidly. In such a scenario, you have to add an X-factor in your skills set to achieve your career goals better.

Essential Points Of Difference Between Higher Education & Working Experience   

You need to consider multiple essential points while you want to have higher education and working experience. Of course, both have values, but you will get the idea of which one is better.

1. Skill Development    

Higher education can work well on your skill development if you have an internship opportunity in your course curriculum. Proper skill development is possible when you can apply your concepts in the workplace, and these things are possible when you are provided with practical exposure in your curriculum.

Working experience will help you to get the knowledge of how it should be done? But higher education will give you an understanding of why it must be done? You will gain the maturity of the work when you have solid learning and teaching behind it. It is the reason why Al Ghurair University has set the application-oriented curriculum.

2. Knowledge Enhancement 

Enhancement of knowledge is possible when you seek education related to your profession from an experienced mentor. First, you will gain depth in your understanding. Second, it will help you to achieve your career goals in a better way.

On the other hand, working experience will also enhance your knowledge slowly, not at a faster pace. You can be efficient in the workplace, but you do not have the maturity to innovate new ways out to do the same work with more efficiency.

3. Better Learning Opportunity   

Higher education will give you a better learning opportunity to enhance your skills to the next level. However, you must not make your choices in a rush that can ruin the better possibilities of your better future growth. You must know one thing that higher education can increase your learning opportunity not only through books but also through practical experience.

You will not get the guidance properly while you are on on-the-job training. But, on the other hand, the objective of your employer is not to make you learn and pay in the workplace. Instead, they want ready-made professionals who can handle the job responsibilities with care.

4. Growth In Management Skills 

Higher qualifications can help you increase your leadership skills and management skills by completing the assignment with proper team effort and collective hard work. However, the same thing is not possible if you gain knowledge through working experience.

You have to make your choices in the right direction to achieve your objectives in a better way. You need to forecast the future goals that you want to accomplish in your life.

5. Academic Qualification 

The academic qualification is a must for an organization. It will increase your chances of getting a better job opportunity in your career. Only work experience can help you win the half battle of your life, but the right knowledge can help you win the whole struggle of your life.

You must make your choices and career goals by keeping these things in mind. You must not get diverted from the right track.

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