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High security windows

To ensure your home is completely protected from would-be intruders, installing high security windows alongside high security doors is an absolute must. As such, we have created a comprehensive range of high security, standard and bespoke windows to keep you and your family safe.

Ideal for new build or refurb projects

Each of our high security windows are ideal for inclusion in both new build and refurbishment projects and represent the ideal replacement for old or worn-out windows. We are also able to carefully replicate existing timber frame windows right down to the finest detail; the ideal option if your home is located in a conservation or heritage area!

Here at Secure House, our high security windows are manufactured using only the very highest quality galvanised and powder coated steel. These frames, that have a robust steel structure to provide an RC3 or RC4 security rating, are then covered with water resistant wood cladding that is designed to last a lifetime.

Total security, inside and out

Each window we design and install includes multipoint locks, a unique feature of our high security window range. This feature allows you to lock the window at two different heights so you can keep the window open for ventilation but locked for total security at the same time.

Types of high security windows

As with our high security doors, there is a variety of different high security window options available for your property, each offering its own unique properties and design possibilities but all with the very highest security levels at the heart.

  • Aluminium

High security aluminium windows are the ‘go-to’ choice for many architects and designers who want to characterise the appearance and form of a property. Not is our range of aluminium windows completely sophisticated, each design also combines proven system technology, design and application options. Highly thermally insulated with excellent noise reduction and a wide frame colour choice, they allow the addition of solar shading systems and retrofitting of security shutter systems. What’s more, since aluminium is malleable, it can be precision-engineered to your very own bespoke window requirements.

  • Wooden security sash windows

Perhaps some of the most stylish and iconic windows you can ever install. Instantly recognisable and the epitome of luxury, wooden security sash windows are hugely popular and can be used across any type of home from the traditional Georgian or Victorian terrace to an ultra-modern eco-new build.

Channelling our decades of manufacturing and design experience and knowledge, we are able to create both box and spring sash windows. We can create replica sash windows for use within historic or listed buildings and predominantly use oak (triple layered) to build the frames.

To further enhance the security offered by our sash windows, we use double or tripled glazed units. These units are installed internally so that burglars are simply unable to remove the glass and break into the property. At the same time, we only utilise advance technology glass that delivers exceptional thermal insulation to reduce heat loss to a minimum thus providing energy savings.

High security glazing options

Choose from single, double and even triple high security laminated glazing, including bullet resistant glass, and a stunning range of both standard and bespoke ironmongery to perfectly complement your home’s design and aesthetics.

Once your new high security windows are installed, you’ll won’t be able to tell the difference between timber windows and your home will be able to withstand attack from potential criminals 24 hours a day!


If you’d like any further advice or to arrange a free site visit, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 8594207 or email info@secure-house.co.uk


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