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Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Basics

Having a new hearing device can be a triumphant moment for anyone who has been missing out on hearing properly. 

Whether it’s the melodic sound of the piano or the long conversations with family and friends over dinner, you can’t afford to miss any of the notes of these beautiful sounds surrounding you. 

Restoring the ability to hear these sounds is one of the best and joyous parts for any audiologist. However, we do need to keep in mind that with something new introduced to our lives, there will be some time required for transitioning. 

For instance, just like when you put on a new pair of shoes, hearing devices too can feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning. Slowly, however, you’ll get the hang of it. 

This is one of the reasons why you should purchase your digital hearing aids from a trusted audiologist or another trusted source. So, when things go wrong with the sound quality of your hearing devices, you always have someone to help you out!

Let us take a look at troubleshooting some of the most common hearing device problems in this article. Make sure you read it till the end. 

Troubleshooting the Common Hearing Aid Issues

When you start with something new, you’ll always face some resistance along the way. The same goes for hearing devices. It is only natural for you to face issues with your hearing aids at the beginning. So, below are some of the typical hearing aid issues and their possible solutions. 

No Sound 

You may put on a hearing device and find it doesn’t work at all.  This can indeed be very alarming. Although there’s a straightforward fix for this and you can do it yourself, just as long as you haven’t bought a defective product from an untrusted source. 

As long as you have an authentic hearing aid from an audiologist, this problem is fixable. 

These are the following things that you need to do. 

  • Check for the power button- You might indeed feel pretty silly when you realize that you have forgotten to switch on the hearing device. This happens pretty much with everyone. Moreover, sometimes while putting on the hearing device, you might accidentally turn it off, leading to no sound.
  • Look for the battery- Occasionally, a battery might get loose or it may have been improperly installed. The door of the battery can also not be closed properly. This can prevent power from running into the device.

Batteries can even go short on power, especially if they have been sitting on the shelf for too long. So, make that you have a properly working battery. If you still face issues, make sure to contact your hearing aid provider or your audiologist.

  • Check the device’s volume- Sometimes, the device’s volume can be turned down by accident, especially when handling a new device. As we all have different levels of hearing, so check the volume level of your device.

Uncomfortable Sounds

Don’t just settle with sounds that are too soft, loud, or even choppy. Many hearing devices can now be programmed so that they can automatically stay at their optimal settings according to the preferences you choose.

So, make sure that you have set your preferred settings correctly. Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Basics

  • Inspect for Battery Corrosion- Unless an audiologist correctly fits your hearing device batteries, there’s always a chance for moisture to enter and this can corrode the entire battery.

This moisture can result in sound distortion, and to prevent this,Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Basics use a dehumidifier. In some cases, you might even need to change the entire battery.  

  • Examine the Device’s Controls- There are cases when debris or tints can quickly accumulate. Sometimes, debris or lint can build up in your device’s control switches, resulting in sound disruption. So, if this is the case, all you have to do is rotate the controls to get rid of any kinds of particles. 
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Also, ensure that the settings haven’t been mistakenly switched to any modes with reduced sound quality.

  • Examine Your Hearing– After everything has been appropriately set, if the sound quality still seems too low, then there’s a possibility that your hearing might have changed.

In such cases, try seeking the advice of your audiologist and see whether there’s an issue with your hearing or the device.  

Inappropriate Fit For A

It’s pretty casual for the hearing device to feel a bit unusual at first. It’s just like piercing the ears for the first time. It’s nothing to feel worried about as it’s just your brain that is focused on this new sensation.

But soon, you’ll be forgetting any such issues, and you’ll be enjoying a better quality of life thanks to your new hearing aids.

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So, if you find yourself having adjustment issues with the hearing device or even experience challenges like slippage or pain, then there might be issues with the fitting.

  • Slipping Around– An imperfectly fitted hearing aid can indeed cause issues from feedback to pain to corrosion. For instance, if your hearing aid isn’t staying in its desired place or even if it’s feeling uncomfortable, then you may need to consider a different shape or size. 

After you have got your desired size, make sure that you keep your ears moist and wax-free. Finally, make sure that you insert your hearing aid at an ideal angle to avoid further issues.

  • Stuffiness and Headaches- Slight headaches and even stuffiness are a few typical symptoms of adjusting to new hearing devices as your brain needs to process a lot more information. 

Bottom Line By A

Having issues with your hearing device is pretty standard, and just by following the methods mentioned above, you can indeed make your device work properly again. 

But be careful while choosing your device from an untrusted source, as defective products can be challenging to repair. Even if you are able to fix them, it might cost you a lot of extra cash. So, always purchase your hearing devices from trusted sources to avoid any such mishaps.

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